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Well hello there friends, thanks for dropping by BigSquidRC. Back in the good old days I would do sort of an “introduction” to the website from time to time for new readers. After all, if there is one thing that rc is good about doing, that is bringing in new people. So for those of you who haven’t been reading BSRC since the Earth cooled, here is a little coming up to speed Cub Report for ya.

Who is BigSquidRC? Well, we can start off with the owner who is Brian Smolik. Brian got into rc cars when he was younger, then got heavily into the hobby during the T-Maxx era. At one point he released a pretty gnarly video called “Naked RC”, which was extremely well done and showed off loads of hardcore bashing, before hardcore bashing was cool. Now days Brian handles the business end of the website with a few posts here and there.

Then there is Jeff Hoy. Jeff is a mountain man of sorts. Part death metal, part internet guru, Jeffery takes care of the back-end of the website. When it goes down he gets it back up, when major changes need to be made, he is the guy behind them. By the way, if you ever talk to Jeff, don’t believe him. He swore up and down he wasn’t going to make it to the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo this year, then showed up, just to freak us out (he only lived a couple hours from the show). Nicely played Jeff, and it was definitely good to see him again. Anyways, back in the day Jeff used to do all our news posts, now days you won’t see his name much on the front page, but he is still working his rear-end off.

Now doing daily press release posts is Tim Mohr. Tim is one of our guys based out of the STL metro and he does a good chunk of the daily product posts. Back in the day Tim was a big league 1/18th scale racer, now days he is busy doing posts on our website, as well as working on reviews and doing most of our photography.

Then, you have guys like Doug Welker, Andrew Schaefer and Brandon Lau. Doug has been writing a scale column for us for years, while Andrew has become our go-to guy for air reviews. Doug is a long time hobbyist who has done it all from racing, to oval, to scaling, while Andrew also has an extremely wide variety of rc knowledge from having grown up at a hobby shop (literally). Brandon does some occasional posting which is happening a little more often as our Basher Basics section starting to expand. He’s also starting to take over more of our social media outlets like our Instagram page and working on our online ad plans.

But wait, our crew doesn’t stop there! We’ve got guys like “Wrench” Bill who keeps our cars running and also works on our FB page, and another Bill that we call “3D Bill” who has been a long time crew member helping us on the air side of things. Then there are review guys like Hawaiian Chris, Don The Legend, and Robbie G., who are always out beating the living daylights out of cars so that you don’t have to.

So that’s our crew, here is a little insight about the website. BSRC started up over a decade ago now and has been focused on rc bashing from the very start. Back in our beginning, the rc world revolved around racing, now days it revolves around dozens of different genres, but the big up and comer is scale realism/scale crawling. Oh ya, back in the day BSRC was only about surface rc products, but a couple years ago we decided to start doing air products (drones, airplanes, etc) as well. We may also be branching out soon to other hobbies, but we’ll see if that ends up happening or not.

While our website is mostly news, we also do plenty of reviews. We also hold an event called “March Bashness” each spring. March Bashness puts up insane numbers on our website every year, it is all about picking our reader’s favorite bash machine as voted on by them. Later in the year, our staffers pick a “Bash Vehicle of the Year”, an award that has become quite important in the industry the last few years. Years ago we also had a forum, but now days that has switched over to Facebook with our BSRC FB Group.

To boil it down, we are just a good ole’ bunch of bashers who live to do what we do. Speaking for myself and everyone else here are BigSquidRC, we would like To Thank You, yes You, for reading our website. You, our readers, are the most important aspect of the website, and we deeply appreciate that you choose to spend a few minutes a day with us.

So there ya go, another brief introduction to BigSquidRC is in the bank. Maybe I’ll do another one 5 years from now, but wow, I can’t even imagine what the hobby will look like by then. We’ve come an incredibly long ways in the last 10 years, can’t wait to see what the future has in store for all of us.

As always, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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