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THE Cub Report, Version 05.17.2010

The weather was beautiful outside, a near perfect 76 degrees with nary a cloud in the southern California sky, and I was damn glad to be there. The weather in the greater Chicago metro area has been rather miserable all spring so I was stoked to be out of town. Luckily for me BigSquid needed somebody to spend a few days out west and I was the quickest to raise my hand (OK, I was the only one in the office that day) so I got the nod for the job. After taking care of some business I went goofing around A-Main Hobbies in Chico California. If you live in that area I’m sure you’ve been by their place, easily one of the most uber hobby shops in the entire country, stocked to the hilt with all kinds of hobby goodness and with more than their fair share of VERY hot female customers. Anyways, as I was looking over their seemingly never ending supply of Pro-Line bodies I overheard (OK, I was eavesdropping) two young male customers talking. Amazingly they were talking about BigSquidRC. Now I know we’ve grown a lot around this joint, but I was floored that a couple kids in A Main just happened to be talking about us. Hell, I thought all our readers were from Naperville (a burb in Chicago). So after listening to them for a couple minutes I chimed in (OK, I butt in) to their convo and said “BigSquid is totally super dope, did you read their Lipo shootout?”, to which one of the kids replied, “Ya amigo, but they didn’t even test their sh*! at 30C YO!”. I wasn’t wearing a huge BigSquid sticker on my face that day, so he didn’t recognize me, but the young man was right, we didn’t test any of the packs at their suggested “C” rating (for reasons I’ve went over before). But…..

I’ve promised our readers before that I’d do so, so this weekend we bit the bullet and did it, YES we tested a 3S 5000 mah 30C Lipo at a 30C discharge load. YES we have it on video, and YES we recorded all the essential information. I hear we’ll be posting the video this Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for it on our front page. I know a LOT of people out there have been wanting to see how a “30C” rated Lipo actually performs under a “30C” load, so we do it so you don’t have to. The video is a true eye opener, not one to miss, and as usual, we go where the old skool print type websites simply won’t.

On another note, the BigSquidRC way-super-dope charger shootout is nearly completed. Having the most uber charger sitting on your pit table might not be everyone’s life obsession (Ok, it is mine), but with today’s new cell chemistry’s and higher charge rates many people are sitting on the fence deciding which charger to lay their cold, hard cash down on. Hopefully our shootout will help people on their future buying decisions, look for it on the front page this week as well.

A quick note to the industry types out there, as always I want to extend the offer of “Please shoot us your press releases!”. We don’t charge a penny to post your news, so it’s free advertising to you and our readers dig seeing the latest and greatest. Please shoot your pr’s to Brian at BigSquidRC dot com.

That’s it for this edition of THE Cub Report. As usual, thanks for reading, and hit up your LHSs, tracks and bash spots!

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