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THE Cub Report, Version 05.24.2010

How about that Eli Tomac? Ya, ok, you don’t know who he is, but he’s got a famous dad and he won the first AMA pro motocross race he ever entered. Tomac races on the Geico Honda team and won the AMA motocross season opener at Hangtown on Saturday, beating such biggies as Christophe Pourcel (whos sponsored by Traxxas!) and Trey Canard. The GOAT Ricky Carmichael didn’t even win his first AMA pro event back in 96′, so the future sure is looking bright for Tomac.

I heard supercross/motocross fast guy Jeff Alessi raced the Babcock series race in SoCal over the weekend? If you have any news or pics we’d sure dig getting them here at BSRC. And congrats to his brother Mike Alessi for winning the second moto of the 450 class last weekend in Hangtown with the all new and uber KTM 350.

The powers that be at ROAR have approved the MaxAmps LiFe cells. IMO the lithium iron phosphate cells are the future of our hobby, very durable, yet not as volatile as a normal Lipo battery. Now if ROAR would only approve higher cell counts….. and a true national series…. and…. and….. and………..

Speaking of ROAR, perhaps the most prestigious race of the year in America for the last decade has been the 8th scale nitro off road nats. That might very well change this year with the popularity of short course and electric 8th scalers, making the ROAR electric nats at Leisure Hours Raceway in Joliet Illinois the biggie. Seemingly the tide has officially turned, and from the looks of things you’ll see larger resources from the big manufactures going towards the electric nats this year than the nitro nats. BigSquidRC will be there in full force with extensive coverage. I know this is a basher site, but the event is close, we dig Leisure Hours, and well, it can’t be that big of a sin to cover a race once in a while right?

Ok, we are way behind on the charger shootout. Why? Because we are actually testing them, and anything in bulk dealing with batteries seems to take forever. We’ll have all the logical tests (like which one is easiest to use), as well as actual Performance tests! “Like what kind of performance tests?” might you ask? Like seeing which charger actually charges the fastest, and which one puts the most mah into your battery. Wouldn’t you like to know if it only takes 50 minutes for one brand charger to fill your pack, but over an hour and a half for another? Or if one charger puts 5000 mah into your battery while the next brand only puts in 4000 mah? Oh yes, the charger shootout is not one to be missed. 🙂

Do you belong on the A&E show hoarders? Like, have you bought 40 cars over the past decade and have never sold even one of them off? We’d like to do a new article each week featuring one of our readers rc car/truck collection. So if you have 5 rc cars or more (like many more), shoot us a pic and the make and model of your cars and trucks so we can feature your collection on the BSRC front page (then you’ll instantly become obnoxiously famous, and drink nothing but Dom 2000 or Armand de Brignac Brut Gold).

That’s it for this week. We are humbled and thankful that you guys (and gals) actually read our mindless ramblings. Till next week, support your hobby, hit up your local hobby shop, and try to make it by your local track or bash spot.

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