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THE Cub Report, Version 05.31.2010

Welcome to yet another uber edition of the rc worlds most maligned weekly column. 🙂

Btw, you guys have been seriously slack’n with your hate mail lately, or maybe I’ve been slacking on flip’n out on people. Maybe it’s a bit of both? Any which way, you aren’t cool unless you’re spewing the hate to cubby at BigSquidRC dot com.

On to actual “important” things…

What the HELL was Sebastian Vettel thinking on Sunday? The move he put on Mark Webber looked just like what happens to me every weekend on the rc track. Replacement cost for the a-arm on my Losi truggy is ten bucks, the cost of taking out your Formula 1 teammate? Priceless…

America, specifically Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino California, hosted a round of the motocross world championships last weekend. Why would you care? Maybe you don’t, but I can write anything I want to here, so lucky me. Anyways, the moto USGP was lightly attended by fans, and both classes, MX1 (the big bikes) and MX2 (the 250F class), were won by non-Americans. Best American finishers were Mike Alessi in MX1 and Zach Ozborne in MX2, both finishing second overall.

Speaking of Alessi, our 909 correspondent had this to say about pro motocrosser Jeff Alessi running a JBRL race a couple weeks ago-

“I was there on the practice day Saturday but dent race Sunday…. So I don’t know how he finished. I know he’s not raing moto outdoors due to wanting to heal up from repeat injuries I guess. He drives a losi 8t 2.0 and is quick. I like motocross dudes style with RCs…. It’s different than the typical overly touchy fingered nitro drivers. ARC is a Great track that gets a lot of moto x guys from socal…. Twitch, Nate Adams , etc.

Oh and I’d love to be on the payroll as a writer from SoCal (I hate that phrase haha) for you guys. I love rc and everything about it…. Except the people who think it’s formula 1 and take it too serious of course.


Ya know, I was supposed to do this uber new column called “RC Myths- Fact or Fiction”, but like many good ideas, it got off to a rough start. My first installment of the column was supposed to test the myth that discharging a Lipo below 3 volts per cell would ruin it. Well…. I didn’t test a very large sample size (ok, just one cell for the test, one as a control) and the findings were against everything the battery manufactures say. So now I’m having to do a larger sample size, and it’s just eating up time left and right. Sigh…

But- I’ve found a another cool myth to do in the meantime, and it will get posted this week. The myth- that you can jump start your full size car with an rc Lipo. 🙂 We did the filming yesterday and I gotta say it was pretty dern cool. So can you jump start your car with an rc Lipo? Find out later this week here at BigSquidRC.

Where’s the damn BSRC battery charger shootout? At least I’m not in charge of that wayyyy behind deadline behemoth….

Just fyi, looks like the BSRC Lipo Shootout #3 is starting to get fired up. Battery companies are starting to submit their uber new packs for the next shootout. At this point I’d say we are looking at an early July deadline for getting packs submitted.

Is it just me or is the rc crawling comp world a freak’n mess? I haven’t been to a crawling event in over a year, but from the view behind my cushy faux Zebrawood desk it looks that way. From the asinine new rules to the ridiculously long section times, it just looks like it’s getting less and less friendly to the masses. Maybe I’m wrong, but to prove me wrong you have to send me an uber new Axial XR10. 🙂

That’s it for this week, hit up your local hobby shop, and make it by your local track or bash spot.

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