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ihobby 2013
The BigSquidRC Bash Crew had a fantastic time at the iHobby Expo this year. For those of you that couldn’t make it, here are a bunch of photos to give you a glimpse of what it looked like to walk around the show floor. The floor plan was smaller this year resulting in all the booth spaces being sold out to a variety of rc, train, and other hobby exhibitors, and the Schaumburg Convention Center was packed with consumers on Saturday.

Be sure to hit the “Read More” button to view 4 more galleries after the break. For more information on iHobby simply click This Link.


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  1. Ken Cline proclaimed on this day:

    BSRC had the house rockin’ with the give away’s. The crowd screamed so load it scared some of the guys at the drift comp.

  2. Greg Zielinski said this nonsense:

    I was unable to make the show but I was disappointed to here Traxxas was not there. I was upset to hear there was no “try me” events. As a parent who heard a lot of commercials regarding “drive a car, fly a plane, fly a helicopter”, I would be livid that nothing was set up. I’m not putting it on Traxxas, I could see them either doing dirt or nothing for a track (expensive). However, if the hosts are advertising these activities, they BETTER be sure those vendors are booked or be prepared to host it themselves.