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Traxxas Supercross

Traxxas and AR Drone on TV

Traxxas Supercross

Our RC On TV segment is going to end up going from monthly to weekly to daily at this rate! Last night during the opening race of the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, Traxxas had some prime real estate for their logo. Just about every racer interviewed then on the podium stood in front of this backdrop. Traxxas also ran one (only 1?) commercial during the event for their XO-1 supercar. Nice work Traxxas, way to keep RC in the main stream!

Also on TV, this time on A&E’s Storage Wars, our man Barry had brought with him some sort of super Army AirForce type person that was going to fly some super secret military device with a camera to get a birds eye view of a storage locker he was going to bid on. Well the ‘secret’ device was a AR.Drone, and sadly it looked near impossible to fly and completely out of control. This couldn’t really be helping the AR.Drone people much, the guy was trying to fly it from a iPad, and from the moment it was in the air, you could tell he was in trouble. The funny part, was the drone crashed inside the locker, and the auctioneer said it was now part of the auction, so whoever wins the storage unit also gets the drone. It was sort of funny, and for people not ‘in the know’ about RC I’m sure it was entertaining, but to see the AR.Drone fly so poorly probably isn’t going to boost their sales any.

That it for this weeks RC On TV segment, I’m sure we will have more soon.

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Posted by in On TV on Sunday, January 8th, 2012 at 11:32 pm