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traxxas dr-1 helicopter
More air news from Traxxas? Besides the New Traxxas Quadcopter we mentioned, they also have the DR-1 Coaxial Dual-Rotor Heli. This time it will come with or without a radio, and prices are $60 or $85!

Update: Some details, pictures and specs

Official Specs:
• Master stable hovering in just seconds
• 2.4GHz Transmitter eliminates frequency conflicts
• LCD Transmitter display keeps you informed
• Easy, Normal-Mode and fast, Expert-Mode
• Customizable flight modes
• High-capacity LiPo battery
• Handy USB-powered charger
• Available in red and blue
• Anodized aluminum side frames, tail
boom, and landing skids
• Available genuine Traxxas accessories
• Backed by unparalleled Traxxas support

More Details:
Length: 8.9 Inches (225mm)
Width (main frame): 1.14 Inches (29mm)
Rotor Diameter: 8.7 Inches (220mm)
Blade Length: 4.1 Inches (104mm)
Weight: 2.4oz (67g)
Height (overall): 4.6 Inches (117mm)
Stabilization: Gyro
Motor (electric): N20 (2)
Radio System: 2.4GHz 4-channel multi-mode
Servo: Digital – 0.07sec/60° (2)
Chassis Structure/Material: Anodized aluminum main frame
Skill Level: 1
Included Accessories:
450mAh 1-Cell LiPo (3.7 volts) battery pack, USB-powered dual LiPo charger, spare rotor blade set,
Phillips screwdriver, and four Traxxas AAA alkaline batteries.

A Traxxas Helicopter and Quadcopter, what’s next? Comments are ON! What do you guys think!?

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  1. Evan attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    It would appear traxxas is just getting further and further from their roots but as a giant in the rc industry it makes sense that they spread their products into every aspect of the hobby market. I can only hope the helicopter and quadcopter come onto the market reflecting the price that they truly are worth. Traxxas is hands down the masters of mass production and injection molding yet their mark up has slowly grown over the past 10 years while the product has remained the same in most of their vehicles. Maybe these will be a nice product and not just a rebranded hong kong toy.

  2. Brian broke a vow of silence to say:

    More from a company that is leaving their roots; like the previous person states. What worries me is a heli from a company that does not make air products.

    Its great for them, they will make a killing from it as air is bigger in terms of market size than surface. But, is this a old dog mentality?

    More and more companies are marketing to 1:1 scale preferences and licensing, which can be cool, and less of RC that we knew. While I enjoy the newer releases, I have to wonder if Traxxas is more into cash than into hobbyists.

    Dont mash the like button if you agree with me. Just put a new shell on the comment and call it something different.

  3. EvanHunter said:

    Interesting… Cubby and Bri-Guy have been talking about the big T entering the air game since before I wrote for BSRC, and now they can say they hit another one right on the nose. The products both look interesting, and will probably be a great entry-level/mass market RC product. That’s really what Traxxas seems to be aiming for. It will sell, and hopefully be durable for those first time flyers. The radios look awful though.

  4. Rick's mouth spewed forth:

    Yawn. You will be bored with this in two days.

  5. Gabe opened their gaping maw and spake:

    I think its cool, but now they need a SCALE CRAWLER, and a tank. haha

    • torquelover said:

      Well they have their hands in land, sea, and air products now. This reminds me the last time I looked for a decent R/C submarine, I didn’t find one. Gotta be a lot of ponds in Texas. Hey Traxxas, how about an FPV R/C Submarine? Oh yeah…

    • jonathan tet attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

      yup, been waiting ten plus years for a traxxas solid axle…
      yup, got bored pretty quick with the micro coax i already own, easy to learn to fly and slow. better than nothing on for inside tho

      but the quad can supposedly do flips, at a decent price it has my attention

  6. JB proclaimed on this day:
    Looks like traxxas is working with this company?