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traxxas quadcotper qr1
I bet you didn’t see this coming! Traxxas is now getting into the air market! It’s called the Traxxas QR-1 High Performance Quad-Rotor Helicopter! Street price is about $60 (WOW!) and comes without a radio. With Radio is just over $100. Another thing new for them. Since when is it not RTR? Wow, Traxxas quadcopter, we never would of guessed. More info as we get it in.

UPDATE: More info and more pictures!
We now have pictures of what will come with the RTF versions.
It has a 2.4Ghz 4-Channel Transmitter, two 3.7 240 mah packs, and a dual lipo charger.
There are blue LED’s on the front so you can tell what direction you are flying in.
With the 6-Axis Stabilzation, you can even Flip and Roll it according to Traxxas in Expert Mode! Wowza!
Official specs:
• Quad-rotor thrust with digital 6-axis stabilization
• Quickly master stable hovering and flight in Normal mode
• Perform flips, snap rolls, and banking turns in Expert mode
• Customizable modes let you choose your own settings
• Two blue LEDs light the way
• Includes two high-capacity LiPo batteries
• USB-powered dual-battery charger
• 2.4GHz Transmitter eliminates frequency conflicts
• LCD transmitter display keeps you informed
• Available in red, blue, orange, and green

More details:
Length: 4.7 Inches (120mm) That’s with the blades! without it’s like 65mm.
Width: 4.7 Inches (120mm)
Rotor Diameter: 2.2 Inches (55mm)
Blade Circle: 5.8 Inches (147mm)
Weight: 1.16oz (33g)
Height (overall): 1.1 Inches (28mm)
Stabilization: Six-Axis
Radio System: 2.4GHz 4-channel multi-mode
Chassis Structure/Material: Molded composite main frame
Skill Level: 1
Included Accessories: Two 1-Cell 240mAh LiPo (3.7 volts) battery packs,USB-powered dual LiPo charger, spare rotor blade set, Phillips screwdriver, and four Traxxas AAA alkaline batteries.

Comments are ON! What do you guys think!?

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  1. James said:

    Not true. It comes in the same configurations as the dual rotor. With or without Radio.

  2. Eliott's mouth spewed forth:

    … what? Well I guess… cool!

  3. Bill said this nonsense:

    LOL looks like they sniped these right out of the ads in the new Car Action mag!

  4. Shawn broke a vow of silence to say:

    Pretty sweet and good priced for a guy like me that’s scared to get into helicopters

  5. Rick said:

    When will we see some RC car reviews on BSRC? WR8? Rally 1/10? You guys were the first with the press releases….let’s read your OPINION. Enough with the review posts on battery chargers, we all know by now that the majority of chargers use the same electronics but have different skin and stickers. Telling us about a new 17mm nut wrench…..please spare us! Go bash the new cars then sit down and write the 4 paragraph review….Cubby is writing 2-3 times per week so he would be a good one to emulate. We like BIg Squid and Are telling you this so that you can be better.

    We shall see how traxxas does in the air against Blade & Eflite. Many of us have had our fun with coax and mini quads over the past year….the two don’t bring anything new to the party. Traxxas does have good distribution and parts….but Blade and Eflite are already there in the store. Can’t see how these two will pass the ASX3 technology….

  6. Gabe said:

    I thin its awesomr that its not based on the mine revo platform!

  7. 3DBill attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Traxxas getting into aircraft? WOW. Quads are one of the biggest things and growing on the aircraft side in popularity. Sort of like helis but more durable. I might have to get one of these,looking forward to there product video for these.. if you can flip and roll one of these in a front room im in.. be fun in the winter while i bounce planes off walls in the house.

  8. jon acton proclaimed on this day:

    This thing is really cool! I’m looking forward to trying this thing out.
    We have a SYMA S107G which is pretty cool and very durable. It would neat to compare the 2.

  9. Rick proclaimed on this day:

    You made this post tonight: GH Racing – Traxxas Rally Hop-Ups

    When a person clicks on the link to visit the GH racing page…90% of the products are out of stock. Why post this link if no one can obtain these hop-ups?

  10. jonathan tet proclaimed on this day:

    the shark has been murdered, and is being made into shark fin soup….

    that being said if some aftermarket company releases a cool body shell, flying saucer or millenium falcon -ish, i may pick one up

  11. Darren commented thusly:

    A close friend that worked at traxxas up until about 2 months ago told me this was coming & I didn’t believe him, the one thing I can say as a owner of several FPV platforms is traxxas sure as hell is showing up E-Flights MQX! The MQX retails for around 140$ without a radio & 165$ with, these flight controller boards are very very inexpensive to manufacture & traxxas has proven this in their very inexpensive platform.. WAY TO GO TRAXXAS! Show E-Flight up!

  12. Stephen Gerfen opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Holy flying squirrel that’s small.

  13. Evan said this nonsense:

    Why, why does it have to be so small?? I want a BIG heli!!! Still looks sexy though.

  14. 3DBill said:

    Ive been looking into this one quite a bit. I currently have one of the really popular micro quads out there and its quite a bit larger than this one. At such small sizes and weights these little quads are usually very durable. There is a performance trade off with brushed motors and flight performance and flying outdoors in wind etc with the micro stuff but these should be fun around the house on windy days or over the winter when outdoor flying isn’t much fun. There great for back yard flying and mini camera ships to on calmer days. Looking forward to seeing them at the local shop and maybe getting a demo flight or two. Until then I’ll just wait for traxxas to put out a video,ive seen a VERY similar quad and have to say for its size it performs very well and can do flips and rolls much faster and more stable than the current micro quad and im flying the current one on a much better radio than these come with.

  15. Justin said this nonsense:

    BigSquid: Thank you for letting us comment on new product announcements!

  16. lance hopkins broke a vow of silence to say:

    too bad its not stampede sized but sure looks fun

  17. Tom said this nonsense:

    Is that not just a Hubsan x4 with a different colour stripe? I picked one up for £32.50 rtf here in the UK!