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New from Traxxas is the 1/10 Rally! A few weeks ago we mentioned that we had heard about a LCG Slash chassis coming soon from Traxxas. Well it looks like they went ahead and made a Rally car with it!
It will come with the TQi radio system, a Velineon brushless system, and boasts 60mph speeds! The new LCG 4wd chassis and Rally cross suspension should have it ripping up the dirt something fierce.
It will be available in three colors, red, blue, and green, and should be shipping very soon.

Rally is the ‘HOT’ thing right now, and it’s good to see Traxxas be able to react pretty quickly and come out with a product of their own. The lack of a licensed body is a bit surprising, but would of just added on more cost down the line for the consumer.

COMMENTS are ON! Tell us what you think!

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  1. Isabel Armas broke a vow of silence to say:

    Saving for it already. Exciting!

  2. xerxes said:

    its a traxxas so its guna suk.
    & share tons of parts frum da slash4x4

  3. Baby Of Xerxes's mouth spewed forth:

    TraxxaS izz Daaa fasTesttTt NAme Iz RadIo ControL. DeAyY iz Da BIggest An” baddest NamE ynn Da eNtIre Rc BusIne$$ and cra$y sickkkkk.

  4. hey said:

    Traxxas…… hell no!

    I’ll get the HPI one ;)

  5. Gabe Hunt opened their gaping maw and spake:

    rally is now going to be the next big thing! since traxxas is in the game now, I will get one most likely, but I want to get the kyosho DRX ve more than this.

  6. Buck-O proclaimed on this day:

    I have fond memories of the HPI rally cars from years ago. Will be cool to have the class come back. Now that people in the US actually know what a Rally Car should look like thanks to Ken Block’s gymkhana films, and know what RallyCross is thanks to X-Games and GRC.

  7. fletch said:

    It might be cool, but I break more parts on my slash than my blitz so I’ll get the HPI version.

  8. cory said:

    Being slash oriented it should be durable. I just hope its slightly more scale than some of their other kits. I also hope the price is a little more reasonable.

  9. Justin commented thusly:

    Why limit comments to only a select few posts? I would really like to comment and read other people’s thoughts on other posts such as other product announcements.

    • D&D Race said:

      This is really good news. As traxxas vehicles are very versatile. This rally car will be a nice edition to are TRAXXAS Stables. and looks like this would even make a cool on road oval racer as well. Just need a company to build a 1/8th modern stock car body. A plus to the dirt oval world i’m sure as well. two thumbs up

  10. dknuckles said:

    This looks sick. Can’t wait to beat it like a ginger!

  11. rickhap proclaimed on this day:

    Hey Big Squid Gang! I’m looking to purchase 3 RC cars to bring to a family reunion at Thanksgiving. We have a nice spot where we can set-up a track to bash and race. I want to have the same car so we can have some family competition. I only had a couple of cars last year (SUMMIT & E-REVO) and we had a blast so I know if we do a race it will be the BIG SQUID! I was thinking about the Slash 2WD but this rally car might be a good choice. What would the Big Squidders recommend?

    I would also have a good stack of batteries so we don’t have to always wait for charging….I have a piggy bank that I will crack open for the fun.

  12. rickhap opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Here is video of the Rally car

  13. rickhap's mouth spewed forth:

    Sorry…that is an old video

  14. rickhap's mouth spewed forth:

    There is a video of the new car out…not sure if I can post the link here.

  15. Dan broke a vow of silence to say:

    Good idea, but being so wide it looks horribly distorted.

  16. xerxes's mouth spewed forth:

    street prise is 440. dats way 2 much 4 a closet 1/8 scale disguisd asa 1/10 scale.

    fer 25$ mor we can get a thunder tigr er4 rally car wich is tru 1/8 scale. has bettr esc wich is mor powrfull den da vxl, & is 4s capabl, & a bettr motor dats 6s capabl.
    plus it uses tons of parts frum da mt4g3 / eb4 buggy.

    anothr fail 4 traxxas!!!!!!

    • cory attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

      you should watch the urc video of the traxxas xo-1 that will tell you the reasons traxxas is the best

  17. the ian rose said:

    I’d rather see a no-name rally body than another ford.

  18. jon tet commented thusly:

    not interested. rally cars dont do on road pavement as good as a touring car, and they dont do off road as good as short course, which handle pavement just fine themselves. also rally cant do crazy triples on most tracks. theyre just kind of in between. but new parts for other vehicles is always good.

    and where the SOLID AXLE monster truck/crawler traxxas????

  19. Jason said:

    Good try, but not so much. Rally is a segment where you get it or you don’t. In my eyes the big T falls into the second category. Rally cars are getting popular because of the scale qualities they offer. Going rapidly around a tight course, courses (not tracks) that are at times hardly wider than the car itself. Precision, scale realism, not for making the triples precision is not what a slash is good at, using that rolling abortion for rally would be like using a ten pound sledge hammer to drive in a finishing tack into a finely detailed wooden door trim. Oh, and the body, wow that body looks like they stretch a piece of lexan over a pile of pillows and call it good. If you want to spend 440 bucks on a rally car get an xv-01 and the hpi rally tires, and the sexiest rally body your eyes can behold and build your rally car to look like a rally car. If you want a lcg short course ofna has 3 that will roost circles around a slash for a lower cost of admission. A roller and a tenshock 4000kv combo will set you back less than 350 and the esc won’t cry tears of smoke under normal 3s operation. Traxxas rally…pfft.

  20. chris sias attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    ooohhhh a traxxas stamprallyash.

  21. Bill's mouth spewed forth:

    @Xerxes I guess you can call it a scoop that you posted a small cellphone picture of a Traxxas ad in Car Action 1st. :) I meant they have pictures and videos, and all the facts on this car online. To me it looks like they had this in the bag and couldn’t make it live until Traxxas said it was ok IMO.

  22. Danny Boi said this nonsense:

    Nice car but dang $450 USD is too much cabbage for a 10th scale. I can get two 10th scale cars from Redcat Racing for that price and have same quality parts, although their bodies need better graphix work.

    • cory said:

      i saw two new redcat trucks break several times over the cource of one race night. and they were taking it easy

  23. Landon attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    I already have a slash 4×4 so i wat to buy this lcg chassis and possibly convert it to a rally.

  24. Son of Farakai's mouth spewed forth:

    should be cool, new tires and looks like jconcepts rulux knock-offs.

    • dude broke a vow of silence to say:

      definitely after this, I really hate traxxas, I mean, everything itsjust a business fot this guys, just look at that thing (“rally car”)its out of scale, it has no realism at all!!! The reason why scale and modelism its so minimized this years is for this kind of thing, when automodelism is just about having a big toy to bash around??? what happened to the old ceremony of putting your car together, painting the body just like you were painting a piece of art??, traxxas reduced it all to “plug the freaking battery and reduce that thing to pieces”. Seriously, kyosho, HPI and even tamiya (with more simple models)get the rally thing, traxxas just cant keep their eyes off from our money accounts

  25. Mike bailey said:

    Should make a lcg slash with correct bumpers and body mounts. Can’t wait to see some rollers on eBay!