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Traxxas TELLURIDE 4X4 Trail Rig
Here is some big news out of the Traxxas camp- their new Telluride 4×4 extreme terrain trail rig. It looks like Traxxas is making a go at the trail driving market with this one.

The Telluride is a 4wd RTR that uses the popular Traxxas Slash/Pede/Rally 4×4 platform and comes ready to tackle all your local trails. Power is supplied by a brushed 12 Turn 550 Titan, XL-5 speed controller, and 7 cell Ni-MH pack. The Telluride is waterproof and comes completely ready to run out of the box.

* Comes with TQ 2.4GHz radio system and #6519 3-channel receiver
* Durable fiber-composite construction
* High-stall gear clutch
* Pre-glued Kumho replica 3.0″ tires with foam inserts
* Satin chrome black beadlock-style wheels
* Different colors to chose from

The part number for the Traxxas Telluride 4×4 is #67044 and it should have a street price of right around $299. Simply click THIS LINK for more information.

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  1. Eric's mouth spewed forth:

    Interesting but still not really a trail or scale truck.

    • Eric said:

      Also looks kinda like a slash chassis just a little bit shorter or a stampede 4×4.

  2. aprilwine broke a vow of silence to say:

    this thing for trail driving? give me an axial any day

    • Eric attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

      Yep, I think traxxas struck out with this one..

      • Girth Brooks proclaimed on this day:

        Ich denke, Sie sollten Ihren Kopf zu ziehen aus dem Arsch.

    • Girth Brooks attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

      An Axial? Ok. Go ahead and drop a LOT more money and go 7mph. Have fun with that.

      • Adam attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

        I think you’re missing the point of scale. People buy scale vehicles for scale looks AND scale speed. Axial makes perfect examples, this Traxxas attempt is a disaster in a box.

    • Girth Brooks said this nonsense:

      @Adam – yeah, Axial has the scale LOOKS down. No doubt. Scale speed? Hahaha! So the 1/10th scale Axial goes 10mph. Yaaaayyyy!!! They are going SCALE 100mph. GREAT! I love it. 10MPH!!!! New Bright looks scale too and you get close to the same speed. You go ahead and play with those slow, girly vehicles. Me and my manly beard are going to go play with manly RC vehicles. Manly RC vehicles? Hmmm….wait. Ohhh mannnn….

  3. Cory said this nonsense:

    I got so excited for a Traxxas trail truck, then this thing lets me down. Anybody can covert thier slash/rally/stampede into one of these, why do they pay thier designers for unoriginal designs(cough..jang’s chimera…cough).

    • Girth Brooks opened their gaping maw and spake:

      Sure, anyone can convert the vehicle they ALREADY OWN to this. If you don’t already own a Slash/Rally/whatever that you would pay a lot more money on, this is a good option to get into the hobby. So where’s the problem with that?

  4. madmax96 said this nonsense:

    Summit-like body w/o exocage, monster truck high center of gravity, and short course wheels/tires. Sounds like a pretty lame-o combo.. but the end result doesn’t look too bad. Traxxas is marketing it as an “Extreme Terrain 4WD Monster Truck,” not a trail truck.

    • Eric proclaimed on this day:

      Nope on the site it says “Extreme Terrain 4×4 Trail Rig”

      • madmax96 said:

        They must have just changed it because I copied and pasted the text right from the Traxxas site! Sheesh – they aren’t even sure what they have.

  5. Quandri said this nonsense:

    this isn’t a trail truck… this is just a brushed 4×4 stampede with some short course tires on it..

  6. Foxx attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Boy Tellirude has a bit of everything, Summit body style, pede 4×4 tub, slash wheels… only thing new is 48 pitch and 100K oil.

  7. Cory attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    heard that it isnt coming with a slipper or center diff? direct drive with 48p gears, why would they do that? to lower the price i guess

  8. stuart's mouth spewed forth:

    are traxxas taking the wee with this truck why dont they leave the scale looking trucks to company`s who know what there doing like axial and rc4wd

    • Girth Brooks commented thusly:

      Taking a wee? Wwwwhhhhhhaaaaaattttt?????

    • Girth Brooks attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

      Why does being British qualify anyone for accusing someone of “taking a wee”? Adam, you must be taking a wee too. Hey, that’s FUN!!!! Who else can I say is taking a wee?!?!?!?!

  9. Zac commented thusly:

    R the diffs locked or can u lock them up

  10. Jbritt166 proclaimed on this day:

    Drive a stampede 4×4, you will fall in love with the versatility of the truck. It is a great race machine when tuned right and can be a fun trail truck as well. This truck will sell for about $50 more than the slash 2wd. Traxxas has made a 4×4 truck right at $300. I for one, am excited about that.

    • Adam's mouth spewed forth:

      I used to ridicule Traxxas until I picked up a ‘Pede 4×4 just for the pure joy of bashing. I have since gone all Jang on it and converted it to a Truggy. Now it’s my faithful 4×4 that I take to a local outside track. It outjumps and outperforms SCTs on a regular basis, and gives buggies a good run too. Love the thing! For the record, I own a Losi SCT and two AE buggies too, so I’m not a T fanboy by any means.

  11. Heater said:

    First off, I have no problem with reusing a platform. Its a strategy that makes really good business sense. I really really like this truck and it looks like a lot of fun. I would only drop in a more crawler friendly motor, like an Axial 27 turn or some such, a lil bit stickier tire, and call it good.
    The price is a bit high for a brushed kit, but that is Traxxas for ya, they have premium pricing. Plus you have incredible aftermarket support as well. And this is coming from an Associated fan boy. All in all, very good kit.

  12. João Francisco Lopes's mouth spewed forth:

    Achei muito interessante, parece bem bom. Gostaria de ter as medidas dele, comprimento, largura e altura. Como pode ser feito o pagamento? Obrigado!!!

    • matt opened their gaping maw and spake:

      Translation please. O I know what he said good looking truck to big of price. I will wait till eBay’s got rollers.

      • Cubby broke a vow of silence to say:

        Veículos são do sexo feminino.

        283 milímetros de largura 273 milímetros Distância entre eixos 425 milímetros comprimento total

  13. Felipe commented thusly:

    Well, a pede with slash wheels… Traxxas failed again.

    • Jbritt166 commented thusly:

      Go drive one and then base your opinion off that. You will be sure to have a good time. And remember folks, Traxxas is making quite a few vehicles for the first time RC guy. Every car released may not be what YOU want, but it does not mean that the Traxxas “failed”…..

  14. Brian said:

    Hey Guys, I know everyone has some strong opinions on the new Traxxas.. and we are fine with that. We just ask that everyone play nice and keep it civil. You can have your opinions, but please no personal taunts towards others ok? Thank you.

  15. jon said:

    what a joke oh man what a joke. heres what i wrote on a forum:

    sure it is awesome to get more people into the hobby. and yes it is great for the hobby for traxxas to have add ans sponsorships everywhere, increasing exposure to the masses. hard to argue that these are bad things….. is anyone is really complaining about that? and im sure this new truck sell well, and they will money off it. thats what companies are supposed to do after all.

    but most, not all, but most folks on this forum (and most rc internet forums in general) are not newbs. they are aware of the different brand names, and what vehicles they have to offer. they see the scope and variety of vehicles available. and i imagine most want more, better diversity from the leader in industry, especially w their premium prices. not just body/wheel/tire/a-arm changes. this tends to send a message that designing and selling vehicles can be easy. with video games (yes im aware that a new generation of consoles is coming out in the fall) this is called ‘sequel-itis’, where innovation slowly ends, and the same basic product is produced over and over again, with slight, mostly cosmetic changes. ever heard of call of duty? or general motors in the 70′s and 80′s?

    it would just be nice to see the big t try harder every now then with mass appeal releases, not more niche vehicles like the funny cars or x0-1. with the cash they seem to be making, how much could they lose? or what if it was a huge success?

    how about beat hpi and release a 1/8 gas engine? or or a 1/5 scale? or a proper 1/8 buggy, truggy, or a proper onroad? or something new and genre defying? (summit doesnt really count, based on revo platform)

    • Jbritt166 commented thusly:

      Remember guys, Traxxas makes cars and trucks that will help fuel the industry in the long run. We all started with a Traxxas.

      • Eric opened their gaping maw and spake:

        I started with an Associated.

      • nunya bidness commented thusly:

        I didn’t start with a Traxxas, in fact I have never owned a Traxxas product. Most likely never will either.

      • jon broke a vow of silence to say:

        did you read the first paragraph??? and i also did not start w traxxas.

    • Girth Brooks attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

      Can’t disagree with anything you wrote. Except for the fact you used words. I patented words. Pay up.

  16. Nate said:

    Wow $300 and to not even give you turnbuckles! Come on Traxxas, nice idea for a truck but not enough goodness to justify. I get the save money using proven platforms, recycle to make a new truck, but don’t chince out.

  17. David attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    Its nice to see that Traxxas has put out a new vehicle that may appeal to more people in the RC community, but at the same time im not all that thrilled. I mean, its just a brushed 4wd Stampede with a different body and different wheels/tires. I mean, theres nothing wrong with doing that, but its clear that there is nothing new or innovative about this vehicle.

  18. Adam W attempted to articulate the following, but failed:

    It’s just kind of a weird truck, kind of ugly too. If it were being marketed as a Rally Raid, Dakar style SUV with a licensed VW or Mitsubishi or Bowler body, it would make more sense, of course the Robbie Gordon Hummer is exactly that, but which ride height is more true to scale for that class of trucks, the Slash(Hummer) or the Stampede(Telluride)?

  19. LilCar broke a vow of silence to say:

    It’s not for me, just a simple 4 wheel drive targeted at noobs. The price is a bit high, look at what $200 will get you and then add on the value/cost of 4 wheel drive, my guess is it should be just a bit over $250.

    Where is the originality and innovation that Traxxas is famous for? The problem is as others have stated – anyone could have built the same thing (actually slightly better), a couple of years ago for about what this costs just by following Jang’s project. This is just another ho-hum variation of whats already available. I’d guess no engineering was went in to this, just marketing seeing what they could build with existing parts.

    In the past when Traxxas cranked out products that were just more of the same old stuff it was because they were working on something new and different – lets hope that this is the case.