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Unboxing Durango DEX408T
Team Durango are known for their high-end race machines but we recently received their new 8th scale DEX408T Electric Truggy Kit. Truggies have always been great bash machines, it’s hard to argue with their big tires, extra ground clearance, big shocks, and huge power.

We are in the middle of testing the DEX408T, jumping and smashing it just like we would a monster truck. You’ll have to wait a few weeks and read our review to see if we think the Durango is a great bash machine, until then take a look at what it’s like to crack open the box.

To get more information and specifications on the Durango DEX408T simply click THIS LINK.

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  1. TonyF's mouth spewed forth:

    Based on their inability to finish races, I have no doubt that any Durango is NOT a good bash machine.

  2. nunya bidness said this nonsense:

    Their 1/10 products are fragile. I have a friend that bashes the hell out of a DEX408 buggy and it never breaks. This truggy should be awesome.

  3. Mike broke a vow of silence to say:

    I have a great time with my DEX210. Handles great, durable, good parts availability, highly adjustable, and the technical support from Hobbico is awesome!

  4. Eric said:

    Is this the first dedicated electric Truggy? I know there is the MT4, E-Revo, but you can’t race them! Wish I could afford one of these!