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Duratrax 835E Video
Duratrax has an affordable bash machine out right now called the 835E buggy (street price $399). It comes with waterproof brushless power and the great handling characteristics of a low slung 8th scale buggy. Even more importantly for the bashing crowd it comes with the Duratrax 1 year Stress-Tech Guarantee. If you break a Stress-Tech plastic part Duratrax replaces it free for the first year, great news for drivers that like to bash hard.

To get more information on the Duratrax 835E simply click on THIS LINK, for more information on the Stress-Tech Guarantee CLICK HERE, and to read even more Duratrax news HERE is the link you want.

Check out the video below to see the Duratrax 835E in action, don’t forget that comments are open so let your voice be heard.


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  1. Adam W opened their gaping maw and spake:

    I’ve been waiting for this one. I’m trying to decide between this Duratrax 1/8, a Losi Mini 8ight or a 1/16 E-Revo vxl, I want a “do it all” basher that can take big jumps off road and at the skatepark, I did the monster truck route already with a Stampede 4×4, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall

  2. NitroKillers opened their gaping maw and spake:

    I’m impressed and I think the warranty on the plastic parts is a great idea, wish other companies would offer things like this. I will be looking at getting a couple of these in the shop for the local guys that race and may want a good but affordable way to jump into the electric 1/8th scale class at the club track.


  3. snotty opened their gaping maw and spake:

    Duratrax has upped their game in the video department, sweet looking video… buggy looks good too…