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Want to Help or Write for Big Squid RC?

Big Squid RC Girls So as you can see from the new site, things are still really booming around here, so we can use some help!
There are two ways to help:

1) Join the Big Squid RC Street Team!!

2) Write for Big Squid RC! While Cubby makes it sound like it’s all fun and games around here (for him it is, that’s why we need help!), there is actually a lot going on behind the scenes! We are writing reviews, making videos, updating websites, posting news and press releases, monitoring forums, and of course bashing!
Do you hang out in the forums? Stay on top of the latest and greatest RC news? Have access to photoshop or some other picture editor? Want to write for the hottest site in RC? We need your help!

If you know a little about web pages/html, picture editing, and have a way with words. We need help from daily news to original articles. Having some contacts in the RC industry is a plus, but not a requirement. Being able to use a picture editor to scale and place logo’s is must, as well is some decent communication skills.

Have a specialty? Only into Drag Racing, or Rock Crawling, Micro Scene? That’s cool. We cover it all, and we need more people to write about it. We are growing, and the only way to keep it happening is to feed the squid more writers!

If you are interested drop us an email, maybe give us a small example, and we’ll go from there.
If you are in the Chicago area, there are some good perks like driving the latest RC vehicles before they are released to the public, and all the stickers you could want! Not in the area? You can still write for us, we have writers all over the place!
You should be over 18, we don’t want to get in trouble with anyone’s parents! Your first test? Figure out how to send me an email! If you are not interested in posting press releases, working on the web page, or you have zero free time and ‘might be able to squeeze in some work’ please think twice before sending the email. Serious inquiries only please.

Keep in mind we get a TON of responses whenever we do an open call like this, and we can’t just bring on board everyone who writes in, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t make the cut this time around.

We always get a couple of people from the paper mags, don’t worry, we won’t call your bosses, or call you out at iHobby or anything. You know you want to!


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Posted by in Big Squid RC on Sunday, September 12th, 2010 at 10:39 pm