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Powerhobby Aluminum Adjustable Motor Mount ARRMA Grom

Powerhobby Aluminum Adjustable Motor Mount for the ARRMA Gro…

New over at Powerhobby is an Aluminum Adjustable Motor Mount for the ARRMA Grom. This aluminum motor mount is much stronger than stock and can also help dissipate heat from your motor. Designed for hardcore bashing, this new motor mount looks trick and allows plenty of different gearing options. The Powerhobby Aluminum Adjustable Motor Mount is street priced at just $7 [...]


Hitec RDX1 200 AC/DC Multi-Function Smart Charger Review

Hitec RDX1 200 AC/DC Multi-Function Smart Charger Review

We’ve long been huge fans of Hitec battery chargers and recently we got the chance to review their new RDX1 200 Smart Charger. The new Hitec packs solid charging power of up to 12 amps, the ability to connector to your computer to store pack information, and is street priced at under 80 bucks. We’ve been using (read- abusing) the [...]


Max Speed Technology MST RC FRX RS Drift Car Kit

Max Speed Technology 1/10 FRX RS Drift Car Kit

New at Max Speed Technology is the FRX RS Drift Car Kit. The FRX RS uses front motor placement, along with rear wheel drive, to give you an ultra realistic feel while driving. Here are more highlights- * Inspired by real drift racing cars * Authentic FR – front engine, rear-wheel drive configuration * Maximizes rear axle weight * Realistic quick-change differential/final transmission system * [...]



Hello everyone! RC4WD has sent us the new 1/10 75th Anniversary Edition Warn 8274 Winch. This little monster can dead lift 50lbs and has around 3.28ft of Synthetic winch rope. If you are looking for scale, then look no further. RC4WD has built an amazing reputation from their scale products and continues to surprise us every year.We installed our 75th [...]


Team Associated Drift Car Teaser

Team Associated Teases New On-Road Car

The crew at Team Associated rarely posts any teasers, so they made big news this week by posting an On-Road Car Teaser Image. Take a close look at the image above to get a good tease on Team Associated’s next big car release. While the teaser image does not give away much, it sure looks like a drift rig sliding [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Vintage Monster Trucks Re-releases

Hey everyone, Happy Thursday! Vintage re-releases are the hot topic as of late in the r/c industry, at least insofar as the racing community is concerned, what with all the classic buggies and stadium trucks being re-released (parts support around said vintage buggies is also a HUGE discussion, but that’s a can of worms I’m not opening here!). I was an r/c [...]


Traxxas Dirt Jump City Maxx Slash Video

Traxxas Video – Dirt Jump City with the Maxx Slash

Over at Traxxas they have recently uploaded a new Dirt Jump City with the Maxx Slash promotional video. The Maxx Slash has become our “go to” short course truck around the Big Squid RC offices and for good reason – it takes a licking and keeps on ticking! Watch the video below to see the Maxx Slash catching loads of [...]


RPM A-Arms Mudguards ARRMA 4S V2 Kraton Outcast

RPM Announces A-Arms & Mudguards for ARRMA 4S V2 Kraton/Outc…

Over at RPM RC they have announced new A-Arms & Mudguards for ARRMA 4S V2 trucks. The new a-arms are made from RPM’s legendary plastic blend and are a great way to help bomb-proof your bash rig. Check out these highlights- * A-arms designed to reduce hinge pin slop * Extra shock mounting hole in a-arms * A-arms are massive & uniform in [...]


Spektrum iXSR DSMR Surface Transmitter

Spektrum iXSR 6-Channel DSMR Surface Transmitter

Starting to ship next month from Spektrum is the all new iXSR 6-Channel DSMR Surface Transmitter. The iXSR is loaded with high-end features to help you get more fun out of your driving. Check out these highlights- * Fast Android-powered touchscreen interface * Full-color 4.5″ easy-to-read screen * Hall-effect throttle and steering mechanism * Superb ergonomics optimized for a wide range of driver needs * [...]


HoBao RC 10th Hyper TT 2.0 4WD Bash Truck RTR

HoBao Racing 1/10 Hyper TT 2.0 4WD Bash Truck RTR

Just announced by HoBao is the 1/10th scaled Hyper TT 2.0 4WD Bash Truck RTR. We have several members of the BigSquidRC Bash Crew that absolutely love to go extreme with 4wd tenth scalers and the new Hyper TT 2.0 looks to be one of the best to ever hit the market. The latest version uses all CNC machined metal [...]


JConcepts 8th Magma Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires

JConcepts 1/8 Magma Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires

Now shipping from JConcepts are 1/8 Magma Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires. Designed to fit 1/8th scaled monster trucks, the new Magma pre-mounted tires are a solid all-around performer while bashing. Here are those highlights- * Designed with extreme abuse and speed in-mind * Giant bridge shaped horizontal tread for massive forward traction * Diameter – 7″ * Width – 3.25″ * Weight – 510 grams [...]


Team Associated Factory Team Battery Mount Set B7 B7D

Team Associated Factory Team Battery Mount Set for B7/B7D

The crew at Team Associated have announced a Factory Team Battery Mount Set for their B7 and B7D race buggies. These ultra-lightweight carbon fiber battery mounts look trick and are an easy bolt-on upgrade. Here are the highlights- * Replaces stock plastic parts * Made from carbon fiber and blue anodized aluminum * Screen-printed markings to show battery positions & offset direction * Standard [...]


JConcepts 8th Choppers Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires

JConcepts 1/8 Choppers Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires

Coming soon from JConcepts are 1/8 Choppers Pre-Mounted Monster Truck Tires. These burly tires are an easy bolt on upgrade for your 8th scaled monster truck to help improve traction on loose surfaces. Here are the highlights- * Diameter – 6.9″ * Width – 3.25″ * Weight – 494 grams per tire/wheel * Pre-mounted on JC Shuttle wheels * Tall, burly lug design with recessed [...]


Calandra Racing Concepts CRC 12th MetriCKs Pan Car

Calandra Racing Concepts Teases New 1/12 MetriCKs Pan Car

New over at Team CRC is the 1/12th scaled MetriCKs Pan Car. The new MetriCKs comes with metric hardware and has already been winning big races. Here are the highlights- * Fast, simple, lightweight, durable and affordable race car * “Ultra-tune” front end w/ easy set-up front wedges * Vented king pin * LCG design * 60-90 grams under weight limit * Multiple tuning options Use this [...]


H-Tech Products Aluminum Bodywork Set for the H10 Optic

H-Tech Custom Products Aluminum Grille and Body Panel Set fo…

New from H-Tech Custom Products is their first upgrade item for the Vanquish Products H10 Optic. This new trail buggy has created a quick following, and now you can bring some personalization to it with this aftermarket grille and bodywork set. Made from machined aluminum, this grille and body panel set is a great way to personalize your H10 Optic and [...]