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RC4WD West Coast Scale Challenge

RC4WD At The West Coast Scale Challenge

Coming up soon on October 25th is the West Coast Scale Challenge presented by RC4WD. RC4WD is a leader in the scale realism movement and the West Coast Scale Challenge is well known for having some of the trickiest rigs on the planet. * All truck brands are welcome to participate * Scale challenge courses * Event uses SORRCA rules * RC4WD open house [...]


Pro-Line Belted Reaction HP SC Drag Racing Belted Tires

Pro-Line Belted Reaction HP SC Drag Racing Tires

All new from Pro-Line are Fully Belted Reaction HP drag racing tires. The belted Reaction HP tires were designed to fit standard SCT wheels and will not expand at high power levels. Here are more highlights- * Herringbone weave internal belt * Designed for no-prep drag racing * Molded from P-L’s soft S3 rubber compound * Reaction HP does not expand at speed * Soft [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Diggin’ Graves like it’s 1984

My favorite thing to do in this web space, bar none, is to show off the ridiculously cool builds that my monster truck racing buddies routinely pull off. This week, let’s talk about Jordan Sicht’s insane Grave Digger #1 replica. There are a lot of Digger builds out there, but this is one of the craziest you are going to see. [...]


Pro-Line Avenger HP Street BELTED Buggy Tires

Pro-Line Belted Avenger HP Street 1/8 Buggy Tires!!!

Here ya go speed run guys, hardcore street bashers, and long jumpers- Pro-Line has just officially dropped their new Avenger HP pre-mounts. The Avenger HPs are Fully Belted to eliminate tire expansion at speed, thus allowing you to put much more power to the ground! Here are the highlights- * High performance herringbone weave belt * Avenger does not expand at high [...]


Pro-Line Grunt 1.9 G8 Scale Truck Tires

Pro-Line Grunt 1.9″ G8 Scale Truck Tires

New for your scale rock crawler is the Grunt 1.9″ Scale Truck Tire from Pro-Line. The Grunt tires have a burly look that is perfect for military builds or for hardcore off-roading. Here are the highlights- * Scale military look & performance * 4.4″ tall and 1.4″ wide * Alternating rows of 3 tall lugs * Stepped sidewall * Molded from P-L’s legendary G8 rubber [...]


Kraken RC Stryker UTV Crowdfunding

Kraken RC Stryker Hyper-Scale UTV – Crowdfunding Underway

The folks over at Kraken RC are stoked about their all new Stryker UTV. The Stryker is the first RTR UTV to hit the market, and seeing as how it was developed by Kraken, you know it will be a tough beast. However, the Kraken crew didn’t just design it to withstand the rigors of daily bashing, scale realism was [...]


Cubby Crawler Shootout

THE Cub Report – As The Wheels Turn

Well hello there, my name is Cubby and this is my weekly column on rc. Sometimes THE Cub Report is about product news, sometimes it is just worthless rambling, but either way, shall we dive on in??? Even though our podcast with JConcepts’ Jason Ruona has been up a couple weeks, I had yet to listen to it. Over the weekend [...]


Xtreme Carbon Fiber Drag Racing Towers Traxxas

Xtreme Carbon Fiber Drag Racing Towers For Traxxas 2wd Vehic…

With no-prep drag racing getting larger every day, the crew at Xtreme RC Racing have dropped new Carbon Fiber Shock Towers. The new towers were designed to fit modified Traxxas 2wd vehicles like the Rustler/Slash that are set-up for no-prep drag racing. * New front and rear towers * Designed to fit the 2wd Traxxas Rustler/Slash * 3mm thick carbon fiber * Shorter [...]


PROTOform Hyper-SS Clear Body

PROTOform 1/8 Hyper-SS Clear Body

Just announced by PROTOform is the 1/8 Hyper-SS Clear Body. The crew at PROTOform are always putting out the latest styles and technology, their new Hyper-SS helps bring 1/8th GT cars into the 21st Century for both looks and performance. Here are the highlights- * High downforce design * 1:1 Hypercar-inspired look * Louver vents for efficient cooling * Gurney flap molded into rear [...]


Team Associated Nano Sport Video Cliff Lett

Video – Team Associated Nano Sport “Break Time”

The good folks over at Team Associated have posted a new promotional video for their Nano Sport RTR. In what the BSRC Bash Crew is calling “The best AE Video EVER!” you can see the legendary Cliff Lett call out the reigning office champion in a game of Nano Sport Hockey. Watch below to see the heated break-time competition, as [...]


Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck Review

THE Traxxas Maxx 1/10 Monster Truck Review

There is no doubt that Traxxas is best known for their monster trucks. Their latest is the 1/10th scaled Maxx, which is modeled after the beastly large scale X-Maxx. Designed to be the “king of the hill” for tenth scaled monster trucks, the crew at Traxxas spent months on the Maxx dialing it in. How fast is the new Maxx? [...]


T-Bone Racing Large Scale The Stand

T-Bone Racing Announces 1/10-1/5 “The Stand”

New from T-Bone Racing is The Stand. The Stand sports an extra heavy duty design, perfect for large 1/5th scaled vehicles. However, The Stand is also versatile enough to be used with 1/10, 1/8, as well as other large scales. Here are the highlights- * Designed to be the premier rc workstand on the market * Fits 1/10 to 1/5 * Collapsible to [...]


Traxxas Summit Video

Traxxas Summit Hilltop Adventure

The mighty Traxxas Summit has long been a favorite in the bashing scene. Why? First off, it’s huge, making it easy to get over large rocks. Secondly, you can crawl with it, or you can bash with it, making it highly versatile. Watch the video below to see the Traxxas Summit climb big rocks and even pull off a backflip. Afterwards, [...]


Team Corally Kronos XP 6S RTR Truggy

Team Corally Kronos XP 6S RTR Monster Truck

Recently announced by Team Corally is the Kronos XP 6S RTR Monster Truck. While Team Corally is mostly known for their high-end race machines, their new RTR Kronos MT is all about bashing. Take a look at these features- * Extreme monster truck * Pre-built RTR * 110+ kph * CNC machined 3mm aluminum chassis * CNC machined 4-5mm shock towers * 16mm big bore shocks * [...]


Foose Pro Mod

Around The Web – Jeff Won’t Do It, Here’s The Cubby Version!

While Jeff Hoy still helps us out at Big Squid, sadly he no longer does his “Around The Web” column. It was our biggest column back in the day, one that fans loved. Actually, it wasn’t just our readers that loved it, but so did the rest of the staff around here. To have some fun, I decided to pull [...]