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Traxxas Corvette 4-Tec Video

Video – On-Road Goes Off With The Traxxas Corvette Z06

New from Traxxas is a video titled “On-Road Goes Off” featuring the Corvette Z06 4-Tec 2.0. Down below in the video, watch the Traxxas crew take their on-road Corvette Z06 to a skate park. Normally on-road cars are for the street, but the durable 4-Tec 2.0 is ready for anything! After the video, hit up this link to get more details [...]


ROC Hobby 6th Scale 1941 Willys MB RTR

1/6 ROC Hobby 1941 Willys MB RTR

Here ya go scale military fanatics, ROC Hobby has announced that pre-order is now open on their upcoming 1941 Willys MB RTR. This classic Willys will bring back many fond memories for a lot of folks with its incredible scale realism. Check out these features- * Pre-painted and pre-assembled body * Servo driven steering wheel * Functional lights * Hood raises * Fold away windshield * [...]



This next Fan Spotlight comes from a ScalerFab Team driver Ant Petrone. Ant is a very talented builder and has a love for Fords. It’s not every day I get to see the Fan Spotlights in person, so Ant and I took advantage of the opportunity and took his work truck out on the trials of USTE2020 for a private [...]


Pitbull 1.9 Braven Bloodaxe Scale Off-Road Tires

Pitbull 1.9″ Braven Bloodaxe Scale Off-Road Tires

The crew over at Pitbull RC have announced new 1.9″ Braven Bloodaxe scale off-road tires. Perfect for your next scale build, these are fully licensed and ready for hardcore off-road action. Check out these highlights- * Officially licensed Braven product * Size- 4.6X1.31-1.9 * Rubber Compound- Pitbull Alien * Foams are included * Based off the 1:1 version * Intricate detailing * Designed for serious performance * [...]


McAllister RC Crowd Pleaser Mustang Street Stock

McAllister Crowd Pleaser Mustang Street Stock Clear Body

New from McAllister Racing is the Crowd Pleaser Mustang Street Stock clear body. Designed for oval racing, the Crowd Pleaser fits various 1/10th sized buggies with extended body mounts. * Made from .040 American made Lexan * Aero-efficient for increased speed * Improved steering with splitter and wide windshield * Smooth roof * Built in spoiler * Made in the USA The McAllister Crowd Pleaser has a [...]


Hitec Re-Release Servos

Hitec Bring Back The HS-7950TH & HS-7955TG

Hitec has announced that they are bringing back the HS-7950TH and the HS-7955TG. Both servos are well known in the bashing world for durability and performance. Back by popular demand, both of these high-end servos come with a new lower price. Here are the details- HS-7950TH New Price- $102 Part Number- #37950S Speed (Second @ 60°)- 0.17 ~ 0.14 Maximum Torque Range (oz. / in.)- [...]


2020 Tamiya Terra Scorcher Kit Re-Release

2020 Tamiya Terra Scorcher Kit Re-Release

Over at Tamiya they have announced the 2020 re-release of their Terra Scorcher Kit. The Terra Scorcher was first unleashed on the public in 1988, now it is back and comes with an updated aluminum motor mount. * CVA oil shocks * Universal drive shafts * 4 wheel independent suspension * Clear polycarbonate body * Updated livery * Modern chassis The 2020 Tamiya Terra Scorcher is [...]


Fat Cubby 2

ASK Cubby – As The Corona Virus Turns…

“WTF All my local hobby shops are closed, just like my local parks. I can’t even drive in an empty parking lot. WTF am I supposed to do with all my rc gear now? Cubby, this sucks a$$. I have all this money in rc gear and I can’t even use it. I gotta park all 4 of my trucks all [...]


Onyx RC Heavy Duty Servo

New Onyx Servos From Horizon Hobby

New from Onyx is a full line-up of affordable Servos. Their new servo line includes micro, mini, and standard sizes, with the most expensive priced at just $20. You can choose from plastic or metal gears, analog or digital, as well as ball bearings and coreless motors. Check out the entire line-up below- S10 Micro Servo Speed- 0.10 sec/60 deg @ 6.0V Spline [...]


March Bash-ness 2020 FINALS! ARRMA vs AXIAL

It’s the finals baby! Here we are, March Bash-ness 2020 final game in the tournament! On the bash side, the ARRMA ARMY just couldn’t decide if it wanted the Infraction or the Kraton to go to the final game. Both vehicles traded the lead dozens of times with the Infraction pulling the buzzer beater and winning by just 3 votes! [...]


RDRP T6.1 SC6.1 Carbon Fiber Shock Towers

RDRP T6.1/SC6.1 Heavy-Duty Carbon Fiber Shock Towers

New from Revolution Design Racing Products are Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Shock Towers for the Team Associated T6.1 stadium truck and the SC6.1 short course truck. RDRP is well known for high-end upgrades, their new shock towers for the AE trucks are made from carbon fiber to shave weight, while also being far more durable than stock. Check out these [...]


Carson Modelsport 8th Land Rover Defender Scale Rock Crawler

Carson Modelsport 1/8 Land Rover Defender Scale Rock Crawler

For our European readers, the folks at Carson Modelsport have announced an affordable new 1/8th scaled Land Rover Defender Scale Rock Crawler. Carson has been a huge name over in Europe for many years, now they have become the next company to jump into the 1/8 rock crawler segment. Here are the highlights- * Impact resistant body * Lockable wheel axles * Full [...]


traxxas rc vxl energy drink

Traxxas Drops All New VXL Energy Drink!

New from the folks over at Traxxas is the VXL Energy Drink! Traxxas has long been the fastest name in radio control, now they have announced the ultimate in energy drinks. Using a special blend of supplements, the VXL Energy Drink has been engineered to give your body extreme brushless power. * Long lasting formula * Great for rc driving or extreme [...]


Axial SCX10 III First Crawl Video – See it in Action!

It was time to get the Axial SCX10 III Jeep out on the trails, and no better place to start than Juice Box Park! We have been having a blast with the new truck, and it looks like this one is a serious game changer for Axial. Enjoy the video as we driver over just about everything in the park. [...]


Hudy Dust Pan

Hudy Brush & Pan Clean Up Tool

Coming soon from Hudy is an extremely esoteric Brush & Pan clean up tool set. The Hudy crew went to extra lengths to make sure their dust pan set is far and away the best to ever hit the market. Featuring over 1000 bristles, the Hudy brush & pan set is the ultimate in sweeping performance. Check out these features- * [...]