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X-Rider Scorpio RC Motorcycle

1/5 X-Rider Scorpio Motorcycle ARTR

Do you consider yourself a serious rc collector? Do you have a high-end rc motorcycle in your garage? Most people don’t have an rc motorcycle as they are significantly harder to drive than a car, but once mastered, they can give you an incredible thrill!

The latest motorcycle to hit the market is the X-Rider Scorpio. The Scorpio is a high-end 5th scaler designed for serious performance. Here are some highlights-

* Comes in ARTR form
* 1/5 scale
* Weight- 1500 grams
* Includes chassis, suspension, wheels, brake system
* Does not include tires, body with figure, or electronics
* Extensive use of carbon fiber
* Mono shock rear suspension

The Scorpio has retail pricing of $519 and you can hit up This Link for more details over on the official AsiaTees website.

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