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2.4 GHz Radio Transmitter Shootout – 2 – Price

Are you breaking the bank with one of these radios? Most likely not. Our rule for this shoot out was the radio had to cost under $200. To some people, price is a very important part of the equation when choosing a new radio, and some people don’t care, they just want the best one. Bashers tend to be on a budget, and they just need something cheap while still being good. You can use the chart below to compare the prices. All prices were found on popular RC shopping websites. We didn’t search every mom and pop for the lowest of low. So if you were going to go out and look for one of these radios, odds are this is the price you would see it for.

Just like in golf, the lower the score, the better.

PointsRadio NamePrice in US Dollars
1Turnigy GTX3$37.08
2Turnigy 3XS$45.99
3Futaba 3PRKA$69.98
4Spektrum DX3C$129.00
5Futaba 3PM-X$179.97

turnigy_gtx3As you can see there is a pretty big range of radios out there for under $200. With the Turnigy GT3X at $37, it’s pretty crazy to think you can get a 2.4GHz radio and receiver for this price. You’ll have to wait till the final results to see if that savings is worth it or not. Sames goes for the other side of the spectrum. At almost $180 you could buy several of the cheaper radios.

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