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2.4 GHz Transmitter Shootout – Features

The features category was basically decided by all of us sitting there with the manuals and radios, and picking what radio had the most features we wanted. It was unanimous across the board when we came up with our list, but it wasn’t easy. We took into account things like model memory, mixing functions, features for multi-use platforms, like do they support sought after features for crawling, or dialing in the perfect braking.

Remember, these scores are based on all of our individual scores added together.
Just like in golf, the lower the score, the better.

PointsRadio NamePosition
1Futaba 4PKS1
2Spektrum DX3S2
3Futaba 3PL3
4Traxxas TQ 2.4 with Link4
5Tactic TTX-2405

While everyone really like the Telemetry features on the DX3S, and we would all like to see that supported on more radios in the future, it just wasn’t enough to squeak it past the insane amount of features in the 4PKS. Admittedly the 4PKS has features that a lot of people will NEVER use or see, but for for those few that want/need that feature, it’s there for them, and that’s cool.
The 3PL was a close third because it does offer a ton of features for the price point.
If the next generation of Tactic could get some sort of model memory going, it would really help in the scheme of things.

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