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Serpent Cobra GT 3.0

2 New Cobra GT 3.0 Cars From Serpent

Got an 8th scale on-road itch that you just can’t scratch? Maybe the new cars from Serpent can give you some relief. Serpent has announced a pair of newly updated Cobra GT 3.0 4wd 1.8th scale on-road cars. The 3.0 GTE (#600048) is the electric powered version, while 3.0 GT GP (#600047) is propelled by nitro power. What’s the scoop on the new cars?

* Designed by Billy Easton and Michael Salven with USA drivers Desoto & Morganti
* Lower 4.5mm carbon fiber shock towers
* New aluminum front & rear shocks
* 6 degree aluminum c-hubs
* Aluminum suspension holders
* Aluminum rear uprights
* XLi superlight 2-speed gearbox on GP
* New aluminium middle bearing blocks on GP

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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 at 5:28 pm