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RC4WD Winch Bumper G2

2 New Winch Ready Bumpers From RC4WD

The crew at RC4WD go to great lengths to provide you with the most scale realistic upgrade parts that money can buy. Two of their latest trick goodies are a Front Winch Bumper For The G2 Cruiser and a Rear Winch Bumper For The Gelande II (D90/D110). Both bumpers are constructed from hand welded stainless steel and have been powder coated black for an appropriate look. Both make it easy to mount up an optional winch and were designed to take the toughest that your local trail has to throw at them.

The front bumper for the G2 Cruiser is street priced at $55 with a part number of #VVV-C0251 while the rear bumper for the Gelande II is priced at $78 with a part number of #VVV-C0244.

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Posted by in New Products on Friday, October 21st, 2016 at 2:29 pm