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2008, Week 1 in review – Cubbie Strikes again!

Here we are, kick’n off 2008 with a (soft) bang in the rc world.

On the product side- MaxAmps, who promised to make huge strides in 08, has already fired the first shot. Early on in the week, a press release was sent out about their exclusive 4700 mah sub-c ni-mh’s. That’s pretty ho-hum in itself, but the bold statement “We offer a 100% money back guarantee that these cells will be the highest voltage, freshest cells you have ever used.” that came along with those cells certainly is not. A 100% money back guarantee on batteries? Those guys out in Washington state just upped the ante for the entire industry.

I had the chance to chew the fat with Austin Else, owner of MaxAmps at the Ihobby show back in October. First off, Austin is about 20 years younger than the typical rc industry type. Secondly, it’s quite obvious he’s got about double the IQ of most guys in the industry. Lastly, he knows more about new-age internet marketing than anyone I’ve met in this industry. He, and his crew, are hungry and focused. A dangerous combo for their competition. Austin talked about making big strides in 08′, and after his December 31’st press release, it’s obvious he wasn’t kidding.

The only other product news worth knowing was Associated’s RC8 “service pack”. These are being provided free’o charge to RC8 FT owners. Hummmmmm, who’s designing the cars at AE now days? I doubt Cliff Lett would let a car go out the door that required a “service pack” a few weeks later. Maybe they need a memo over there that says “do not ship cars that break when you open the box”.

Oh and, it really wouldn’t be a week in the rc world without Losi/Horizon announcing yet another new mini based off the Mini-T, Micro-T or Mini- LST platforms. This week was no different, so world, please welcome the 18th scale Rammunition (yawn)!

The big race this week is the US Touring Car Champs at S&N Trackside in Wisconsin. Now, this race may not mean diddly squat to most bashers. But to many in the industry, it’s one of the top 5 races of the entire year.

Like many of the largest races in this country, this event is not ROAR sanctioned. Seems if you want a huge turnout, it’s better to leave ROAR out of the picture and run the races properly.

Scotty Ernst, a name many may not know, is actually one of the makers and shakers in the racing world (and he runs the track in Wisconsin). No, he’s not the worlds fastest racer, but he is the worlds best race announcer. He gets flown all over this country, and the world, to announce races. He’s also perhaps the best promoter in the country. Between the US Touring Car champs and his Vegas event, not many other promoters can brag about pulling so many racers and media coverage.

Scotty is also one of the very track owners that treats a noobie driving a Mini-T exactly the same as Pavidis, Baker, or Kinwald. He respects everyone, and does what he can to make sure Everyone has a good time at his races. The industry needs a lot more Scotty Ernst’s, homeskillet should be given a medal for his sportsmanship and ethics.

That’s it for the world of rc this week- support your local LHS (or at least go hang out and bug’em)!
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