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Novak Havoc Sport Sensored Brushless System

The good folks over at Team Novak have just sent off a press release talking about the new Havoc Sport Sensored Brushless System. The press release was huge, and I’ll try and post the hole thing in the NEW Product Forum. Some important details, it should be a good fit for the Traxxas Slash, HPI E-Firestorm, [...]


Scooter Motor Works – Nemesis Brushless ESC and Motor

We just got word from our buddy Scooter over at Scooter Motor Works that he’s got a new ESC/Motor combo in the works. It’s a brushless setup called the Nemesis. My favorite part, it comes with the hand held programmer, so you don’t have to go lugging a laptop around. He mentioned a price [...]


The Week In RC Version 09.07.08

This week yielded entry number three into the hot new “CORR” truck genre as HPI introduced their hot new truck, the Baja 5T. Obviously, this is based off their incredible 5th scale gas Baja buggy chassis, but comes in full “CORR” off road truck attire. Unfortunately, the truck just misses the mark on looks, as the body is too narrow, [...]


Pro Driver Tim Mohr Gets a Micro Version!

Congrats to Pro Driver Tim Mohr! I got a brief text message that his wife had their baby today, and everyone is good and healthy! Awesome stuff! Every time Tim and I hang out, he’s got a smile on his face, I can’t imagine that grin today, but I could almost see it through the text message! Congrats Buddy!


HPI Racing Baja 5T Pictures and Info!

Breaking news! HPI Racing has just released official pictures and information on the Baja 5T. HPI has sent this info out to the press, and they will have a webpage setup for people to check it all out in about 24 hours! The Baja 5T is a ready-to-run 1/5th scale off-road truck. It’s [...]


August Prize Drawing Winners!

We have our winners for the August Big Squid RC Contest! As always, thanks to all of our readers for their support, and for sending in those awesome Fan Pictures! Keep them coming! Congrats to: 1) Billy Q. – Indiana 2) Chris M. – Illinois 3) Sawyer F. – Indiana Here’s another awesome pic just sent in!


Awesome RC Pictures from a fan!

Wow, I need some photography lessons! Here are some more amazing Fan Pictures for the Big Squid RC Contest! The quality is super, and so is that content! I’m sure the girls were really happy about this picture.. haha. I guess it’s better then having some guy hang on them though [...]


Traxxas Slash covered by Pro-Line (again)

Striking while it’s hot, Pro-Line Racing has just announced a second body for the popular Traxxas Slash! The folks over at Pro-Line know a good thing when they see it, and I have a feeling it’s going to do very well for them. I was invited out to the track this weekend for a little [...]


Cub-Report, Labor Day el’Version

Hopefully, you and yours are enjoying a long Labor Day weekend. Hopefully kicking back, drinking a few cold one’s, and even getting in some serious trigger time with your favorite hobby grade rc car or truck. First off, let’s thank about all those people in the rc industry, those people that put in the time, money and effort (and entire lives!), [...]