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hot bodies rock crawler

Hot Bodies Competition Rock Crawler

A sneak peak from the Nuremberg show, it looks like Hot Bodies is going to throw their hat into the RC Rock Crawling arena with the introduction of their new Competition Rock Crawler. Only time will tell if Axial has some ‘Competition’ on their hands. The Hot Bodies website other info. Watch for our Nuremberg show coverage this week.


hpi gas apache c1

HPI 1/8th Scale Gas Engine Fits Everything?

Remember a while back when HPI Racing  hinted that they were going to go to gas soon ? Well 5 months later, here we are, and here is HPI’s new 1/8th scale gas engine! What’s really cool, is that it looks like they are planning for it to fit a lot of their 1/8th scale vehicles. They have a Gas Savage [...]


New Tamiya Releases

To be unveiled at the Nuremburg toy fair in a matter of hours, Tamiya have got a whole host of new vehicles to keep with current trends on the market. Theres the usual pile of updated re-releases, a couple of limited edition kits and a heap of new hopups. Here are some noteworthy releases.   1/12 Nissan Titan a DT-02 2wd chassis is [...]


Radient Ascend Charger

Radient Ascend Battery Charger Review

THE Radient Ascend Battery Charger ReviewTired of using that 8 hour wall charger that came with your new RTR? Looking for a quality “do-it-all” charger at a decent price? Have ya seen one of the new Radient chargers at your friendly/local HobbyTown USA and are wondering if it’s any good? Well… welcome to Cubby’s Radient Ascend review where I’ll [...]


Kyosho’s new marketing strategy?

dmc-2 Geez Kyosho, Big Squid does one unboxing with a beautiful woman and you just have to go and copy cat us? Kudos to including DMC from RUN-DMC.  Click Read More to see the video in action!


Tamiya Bruiser

Tamiya Toyota 4×4 Bruiser on the Comeback Trail

If you didn’t get to experience the Tamiya Bruiser, well it looks like you are about to get another chance. The original Tamiya Toyota Bruiser was released in 1985, and die-hard fans have been begging for a re-release to go along with the treatment a lot of the other Tamiya vehicles are getting. The original chassis design is kept with [...]


Traxxas TQi

Traxxas TQi 2.4GHz Radios to Ship with Other Vehicles

Looks like the Traxxas TQi will be available with most of their other vehicles. There will be two flavors. One with a Docking Base, and one without. The TQi with Docking base will come with the E-Maxx, E-Revo Brushless, Revo 3.3, and Slash 4×4 Ultimate. The TQi without the docking base will come with the Summit, Slash 4×4, Ford Raptor, [...]


futaba receiver

Futaba High Voltage Receiver with Dual Antenna Diversity

New from Futaba  is the R614FS HV Receiver. It’s designed to be used with the Futaba 4PK and 4PKS and RC’s equipped with digital and brushless servos. The Dual Antenna Diversity selects the best reception between the two antennas. Head over to the Futaba Website for all the specs.


Duratrax Onyx Lipo

Duratrax Onyx LiPo Packs

 DuraTrax is now offering their 25C Onyx LiPo packs with a Traxxas Plugs at some serious value pricing. They have 2s and 3s packs going from 1400mAh to 8000mAh. These are soft packs, and also come with balancing connectors. To give you an idea of how low the prices are, a 3S 4000mAh 25C pack with Traxxas plug will hit shelves [...]


duratrax tools

Duratrax Tools You Need

There are a few essential tools that everyone needs in their pit box, and these new ones from  DuraTrax are part of your must haves! I know as bashers, we will use anything handy, especially when it comes to tripping up a body. But let me assure you, a good body reamer and body scissors can make all the difference! They [...]


Kyosho’s next set of Bodies for the new F1 chassis

Kyosho’s next body set for the new MF-015 Mini-Z F1 chassis is the Ferrari F10 platform.  Cars NO. 7 and No.8. So now the two McLarens and these two Ferrari’s and we’ve got 4 of the new F1 cars ready for some racing! Kyosho tends to do a lot with Red Bull licensing so I’m hoping the Red Bull [...]


HPI and K&N Filters Drift Car Give Away

HPI Racing  is teaming up with the K&N Filters folks to give away a few HPI Drift cars! Along with the contest came this pretty sweet video of Vaughn Gittin Jr. drifting against a HPI Drift Version of the same car.Hit the K&N Filters Facebook page for details and sign up.


vampire racing lipo

Vampire Racing Shows Two New Lipos

Vampire Racing has introduced two new stick packs for LiPo fans. The first is a 6800mah 70C pack that they are saying was designed mostly for touring cars, and the second is a 4400mAh 50C short pack, designed for easier placement to help balance where you think it needs to fit. Check out the Vampire Racing website for more details. [...]


THE Cub Report- 01.29.2012- Country Fried Chicken Version

James “Cow” Stewart didn’t crash last night in Oakland, so of course he won! While his new “Cow” nickname isn’t particularly funny (or catchy), it certain seems to hold true- Crash Or Win. Stew dedicated last nights win to his practice mechanic Mark “Tex” Adams who tragically passed away during the week. Our thoughts and prayers go out [...]


strc wraith hop ups

STRC Axial Wraith Hop-Ups – Part 2

We recently picked up a bunch of ST Racing Concepts hop-ups for the Axial Wraith. We will be doing several articles on all of these parts. You can read part 1 here.This time around we are installing the aluminum shock caps, aluminum shock bodies and spring collars, and steering knuckles. Keep reading to see the pictures and read about [...]