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ARC R10 2015

2015 Arc R10 Touring Car

ARC R10 2015
The latest on-road weapon from ARC is the 2015 spec of their R10 Touring Car. Loaded with carbon fiber and designed to break lap records, the R10 2015 is a serious touring car.

The 2015 Spec received numerous upgrades over the previous model, some of the updates include-

* Long big bore shocks with longer springs
* 3.5mm carbon fiber shock towers
* 8.5mm steering plate
* Flex motor mount
* Improved top deck
* New upper bulkhead

The part number for the new R10 is #R100006 and you can get more details at This Link over on the official ARC RC website.

Check out This Link to read more Viper RC news on BigSquidRC (Viper distributes ARC here in America).

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