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Xray 2016 T4 Touring Car

2016 XRay T4 Touring Car

Are you ready for touring car season yet? No? Well, you can be by picking up one of the uber new 2016 XRay T4 touring cars. XRay is particularly well known for their ultra high-end touring cars and the T4’16 was made to continue that tradition.

What’s new on the 2016 edition? Mainly changes to improve steering and to add more overall traction

* An all new chassis is used for more flex adjustment
* An all new motor mount flex system is used for even finer tuning of the car’s handling
* An all new top deck is used for easier access to the pinion gear
* All new ECS front drive shafts are used for more steering & smoothness
* ARS rear suspension holders are all new. They are stronger than previous versions and add extra roll center positions

Complete details can be found at This Link over on XRay’s website and you can hit This Link to get more XRay news on BigSquidRC.


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