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2016 XRay X10 Pan Car

2016 XRay X10 Pan Car

Recently announced by XRay is the 2016 edition of the X10 Pan Car. The X10 was designed for hardcore carpet racing, but can also be used for such things as high speed runs or custom on-road builds in the hands of a basher. The ’16 X10 features a laundry list of upgrades, most designed to help the car be faster in the corners and to handle bumps more efficiently. The list of all new parts on the 2016 model include-

* Narrow chassis
* Improved weight balance
* Trick looking orange aluminum parts
* Straight side springs
* Rear link brace
* Rear pod upper plate
* Rear pod plate

Should you want to get more of the scoop on the new X10 you can hit up This Link over on the official XRay website or you can Click Right Here for more XRay news on BigSquidRC.


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