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2017 Awesomatix A800X

2017 Awesomatix A800X/XA/XAH

The crew over at Awesomatix had a great year in 2016. Their factory team won a bunch of titles and their touring car proved it had incredible speed. To take things up a notch for 2017, Awesomatix has announced not one, but three new touring cars. The A800X sports a carbon fiber chassis, the A800XA comes with a soft aluminum chassis, and the A800XAH comes with a hard aluminum chassis. Here are some of the major updates that come along with the 2017 models-

* Linear steering rack
* Improved geometry AM06WL hubs
* AT03BX front spool w/ P138S 38 tooth pulley
* Optimized diff position
* New motor mount and bulkheads
* Ball raced sway bar with integrated droop adjustment
* 30 gram center weight
* P110 eccentric holders to alter diff height
* C04M1 carbon arms

All three units are available for pre-order right now, they are priced at € 535,00, and Right Here is the link to the official Awesomatix USA website.

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