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XRay XB2D 2017

2017 XRay XB2D Buggy Kit

Just announced by XRay is the 2017 version of the XB2D. The XB2D is a high-end, 2wd race buggy that has received a slew of updates to enhance performance and durability. Here are some of its upgrades from the previous version-

* Designed for lower traction surfaces
* New chassis with more flex for improved traction
* Adjustable servo position to change weight balance
* Narrower suspension holders
* Shorter rear driveshafts
* Wider offset hubs
* Softer springs to increase traction
* Extra hard ball differential output shafts
* Greased bearings on rear uprights and front steering blocks

To get full details use This Link to jump over to XRay’s website or Click Here for more XRay news on BigSquidRC.


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