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2019 Bash Vehicle of the Year!

It’s the end of 2019, and that leaves us with one post left. It’s hard to overstate how difficult this decision was for us. Everyone here in the office has been arguing their sides, coming up with lists, and I think if Cubby didn’t have to leave for his New Years Eve party, there may have been fisticuffs. It’s the final day, and we were still going back and forth. The winner of the Big Squid RC 2019 Bash Vehicle of the Year goes to the Traxxas Maxx!
Congratulations Traxxas! The Maxx has proven itself to be an epic bash vehicle, and we look forward to all the mods and iterations that we are sure will come in 2020! Our Maxx bashes hard, and it’s been a blast! It’s Need more info? Hit the Traxxas 1/10 Maxx Monster Truck link.

One of the runners up had the stop spot on our list for a long time. The ARRMA Infraction! I can hear the ARRMA ARMY yelling at their monitors from where I sit.. actually I can hear some of the Big Squid crew yelling at me from down the hall. We LOVE the Infraction! It’s an awesome vehicle, and we believe it has brought back life into the dying on-road scene! It took an unbelievable beating this year as we sent it high into the sky at our long jump event, and it survived with flying colors even after multiple jumps, and also with Horizon saying ‘we probably shouldn’t. LOL. Nothing smokes the tires like it, and the looks are a 10 all day long! If you don’t own one, and you have access to any street, you need one in your bashing stable. Get the details over at Horizon Hobby on the ARRMA Infraction. We expect to be doing more great things with the Infraction all through 2020!

We can’t end this post without mentioning the ARRMA Kraton 8S! The Kraton was at the top of a few of our lists, and it wasn’t going down without a fight! ARRMA crushed it this year with two incredible releases! We hope that ARRMA can do it again in 2020! These vehicles put smiles on our faces every time we take them out to bash! Get the info you need at the
ARRMA Kraton 8S site!.

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