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Rocky Mountain Hobby RC Expo 2019

2019 Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo Gallery 2

With thousands of square feet of hobby vendors, the 2019 Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo had something fun for everyone! Below you will find a large photo gallery that we shot while walking the Denver show last weekend. From the pictures you can see all sorts of different hobbies, as well as a good look at the venue itself.

For the rc hobby, the Denver show had the BigSquidRC Bash Crew on hand for show coverage, as well as to put on a big air demos. The show also had the crew from GPM Racing Products who were showing off some incredibly trick splash anodized upgrade parts. The folks from the RC Basement were also in the house. The RC Basement crew has been at the Denver show for several years now and did a great job with their “try me” crawling course. The show also had a sweet drift track to show off sideways action, plus new for this year were the guys from Colorado No Prep Drag Racing. The no prep drag scene is blowing up from coast to coast and some of the drag cars on display were not only crazy fast, but also looked incredibly scale.

It isn’t really an rc trade show without Traxxas, and while they didn’t have a booth this year, they did have their inflatable try-me track up and running to give everyone a first hand chance at driving an rc car. Also for Traxxas, their new Maxx 1/10th monster truck was in the BigSquidRC booth for everyone to check out. Better still for show goers was watching the mighty Maxx in the big air bash demos (and it lived through the weekend with zero broken parts, full review later this week!).

So what about rc boats and airplanes? Just like last year, the Denver show had a large pool for boats to run in. The boat area also had a small booth to handle questions and to show off various types of different boats. And while there weren’t many airplanes or helicopters in the house, there was definitely plenty of quadcopters ranging from tiny whoops, all they way up to quads with 18″ rotors.

All of us at BigSquidRC would like to thank everyone at the Rocky Mountain Expo for such a great time. We would also like to thank everyone that came out and supported the show. The Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo has done a great deal to promote rc, as well as other hobbies. Needless to say, we can’t wait to go back next year!

For more information on the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo hit up the link, or you can Click On This Link to see more show coverage on BigSquidRC.


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