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Honda Ask Cubby

THE Cub Report - Another Year, Another Spanking @ Des Nation…

Hola rc fanatics and welcome to another week’s Cub Report. Whether you bash, boat, or crawl, BigSquidRC has you covered. With that said, lets jump right on into it... It isn’t nice to complain about how our team did at Motocross Des Nations this year, yet, I seriously can not help myself. Good Lord, what in the freak is our [...]


Traxxas RC BIGFOOT No. 1 Retro Graphics

Traxxas BIGFOOT No. 1 With New Retro Inspired Graphics

Traxxas has just announced that their ultra-popular BIGFOOT No.1 Classic Monster Truck is shipping soon with new Retro Inspired Graphics. The new graphics have a look straight out of the late 1970s back when the 1:1 BIGFOOT was showing the entire world just how crazy a truck could get. The Traxxas BIGFOOT No. 1 With Retro Graphics has street pricing of [...]


Pro-Line Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Body Traxxas X-Maxx Video

Video – Pro-Line Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Clear Body

New from Pro-Line is a Jeep Gladiator Clear Body promotional video. The Gladiator is fully licensed by Jeep and has the kind of rugged look that will really make your Traxxas X-Maxx stand out in a crowd. In the video below, Pro-Line’s Vance Lund talks about some of the details that went into the Gladiator body, plus there is some [...]



ARC 1/10 R11F FWD On-Road Kit

Have you been looking for a high-end front wheel drive on-road car? If so, have a look at the new R11F kit from ARC. The ARC R11F is a 1/10 FWD touring car kit designed from the ground up up for serious performance. Here are the highlights- * Based on ARC’s 4wd R11 kit * Forward motor positioning * Belt driven FWD * 2.25mm [...]


JConcepts 1995 Ford F-150 Stadium Truck Body T2

JConcepts 1995 Ford F-150 RC10T2 Clear Body

For all you stadium truck drivers out there, JConcepts is releasing a 1995 Ford F-150 RC10T2 Clear Body. A passion project for JConcepts, the F-150 was designed to fit the vintage Team Associated RC10T2, but with a little modification and ingenuity, we are sure you guys can get it to fit other stadium trucks as well. It is great to [...]



What’s going on everyone, this has definitely been an interesting week to say the least and finishing up the RC4WD Trailfinder 2 kit with the 1985 Toyota 4RUNNER body set capped it off. This build took me a long time to complete, had a few electrical issues in the tail end of the build but all is good now! Doing The [...]


Kyosho Outlaw Rampage PRO Kit Review

Kyosho Outlaw Rampage PRO Kit Review

Scale trucks are all the rage now days, but most of them are of the crawling/slow variety. For the ever growing bunch of consumers that demand some speed with their scale looks, Kyosho has released the Outlaw Rampage PRO Kit. The Outlaw Rampage is big on the scale detailing, but also caters to the hardcore hobby crowd by coming as [...]


Futaba 7PXR Radio System

Teaser – Futaba 7PXR Transmitter

Now being teased by Futaba is the flagship 7PXR radio transmitter. The 2.4GHz 7PXR is the new pinnacle radio for Futaba and features a number of upgrades over the original 7PX. The 7PXR was designed to be more lightweight, with a significantly improved menu system. Special thanks to the folks over at RC Magazine for the 7PXR pictures from the [...]


TRAXXAS TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6 – REVIEW

Well, someone had to go and wake up the sleeping giant that is Traxxas. A few weeks ago Traxxas dropped a bombshell otherwise known as the TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6. The pictures alone sparked up a fire of conversation that consumed anything else that was happening in the scale world. So how did Traxxas do with their first [...]


JConcepts 1982 GMC K10 Traxxas 16th E-Revo Body

JConcepts 1982 GMC K10 Body For Traxxas 1/16th E-Revo

New from JConcepts is a 1982 GMC K10 Clear Body for the 1/16 Traxxas E-Revo. This classic square body GMC is fully licensed and ready to give your 1/16 E-Revo a cool new look. * Officially licensed by General Motors * Direct fit for the Traxxas 1/16 E-Revo * Multiple headlight and grill options * Made from heavy duty polycarbonate * Comes with window masks, [...]


Cubby with big woman

ASK Cubby – One Question, One Sober OctoBert

“Outlaw Rampage Pro When will you guys be doing a review on the Kyosho rampage pro? I noticed it was in the servo review, and you did an unboxing, whats going on? Matthew G.” Cubby- Hey ya Matty, shoot me your snail mail for a sticker pack. Also, if you send me your shirt size, I will hook you up with one of [...]


RPM RC Front Bumper Skid Plate Losi Rock Rey

RPM Front Bumper & Skid Plate For The Losi Rock Rey

Just announced by the good folks over at RPM is a new Skid Plate/Front Bumper for the Losi Rock Rey. The unit from RPM was designed for maximum performance, as well as durability. * Dual flex zones * Larger front skid radius & skid ribs make for easier transitions * Wide front bumper for extra protection * Gives skid protection to front of chassis The [...]


RC4WD Tough Armor Cloth Top Metal Cage 4Runner

RC4WD Tough Armor Cloth Top Metal Cage For Toyota 4Runner

Shipping now from RC4WD is a Tough Armor Cloth Top Metal Cage for the Toyota 4Runner. The Cloth Top with Metal Cage gives you multiple options for adding a cool new look to your 4Runner. * Aluminum base frame * Black powder-coated finish * Fabric top with plastic windows * Zipper rear window * Length- 8.11″ * Width- 6.74″ * Height- 2.38″ The RC4WD Tough Armor Cloth [...]


ARRMA Infraction 6S BLX Review

It’s rare when a company comes out with a product that you would never expect, and even more rare when that product does not look like anything else you have ever seen. This is exactly what ARRMA RC and Horizon Hobby did when they released the 1/7 Scale Infraction 6S BLX. Does this street basher fire on all cylinders? Keep [...]


Losing Grip – MST FXX 2.0 KMW

A couple of days ago MST released a few more details of their upcoming FXX 2.0 KMW, and I am really rather curious about it. Front motor, shaft driven and inboard front suspension, all mounted on a 3.5 mm carbon fibre chassis. The battery and electronics are concentrated towards the rear, which coupled with the front engine should give a pretty [...]