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Sweep Racing Dual Stage Open Cell Foam Tire Inserts Rock Crawling

Sweep Racing Dual Stage Open Cell Foam Tire Inserts

New from the Sweep Racing crew are Dual Stage Open Cell Foam Tire Inserts. These are prefect for the hardcore rock crawling crowd and will be released in both 1.9″ and 2.2″ sizes. Dual stage inserts are great for getting maximum grip on slick surfaces. The Sweep inserts will be available in either soft/white or in medium/blue. As we await more [...]


Racing Cubby

THE Cub Report – As The World Turns…

Hello fellow rc enthusiast, my name is Cubby and welcome to BigSquidRC. This week in THE Cub Report I will be going over the hottest new releases from last week. So, just what were they??? During my early years in rc, Team Associated ruled the roost. The guys over at AE were always leading the pack in new technology, as well [...]


FTX Outback Hi-Rock 10th Rock Crawler RTR

FTX Outback Hi-Rock 1/10 Trail Crawler RTR

New from FTX RC is the 1/10th scaled Outback Hi-Rock Trail Crawler RTR. The Hi-Rock features a new split transmission with the motor being mounted directly above the front axle alongside the servo. Here are more highlights- * 45˚ front steering angle * Adjustable slipper clutch * LCG split transmission layout * Classic pick-up style body * Body had molded front grill, mirrors, wipers, roll [...]


New Colors Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck

2 New Colors for The Traxxas Maxx

The good folks over at Traxxas have announced Two New Colors for the Maxx Monster Truck. 2020 promises to be a big year for the guys at Traxxas, check out the two new colors of the Maxx in the video below. You can use this link to get full details on the Traxxas Maxx Monster Truck, or you can Click Right [...]


Concepts RC Destination Hoodie T-Shirt

JConcepts Announces New Destination Apparel

New from JConcepts is a Destination line-up of Apparel. With t-shirts and hoodies ranging in sizes from medium to XXXL, the JC crew has the apparel that you need for all your outdoor bashing activities. The new JConcepts Destination Apparel ranges in price from $22 to $56. Read more JConcepts News right here on BigSquidRC.


Losing grip – MST FXX 2.0S

Depending on perspective, this column is either ten days late, or three days late. Suffice to say, that moving countries tends to put hobby matters quite far down on the to-do list. Making sure kids and some four hundred pounds of luggage gets on and off the plane, does not leave a lot of room for RC related matters. Nor [...]


Team Corally Kronos XP 6S Monster Truck Review

Team Corally Kronos XP 6S 1/8 Monster Truck Review

The folks over at Team Corally are attempting to take over the bashing world. Recently, Corally announced a line-up of new hardcore bashers. We’ve had a couple weeks to bang on their all new Kronos XP 6S Monster Truck to see how it stacks up to the competition. How does it handle? Is it crazy fast? How easily does it [...]


Team Associatd DR10 Drag Race Car RTR

Team Associated DR10 Drag Race Car RTR

Team Associated has just pulled the holeshot on the RTR no-prep drag racing scene! That’s right folks, Team Associated has dropped a new DR10 Drag Race Car that comes in RTR form. The DR10 should really help the no-prep drag scene to explode, take a look at these features- * Based off AE’s multi-time ROAR championship winning 2wd SCT truck * Radio [...]


Spektrum SMART LiPo ROAR

Spektrum SMART Race LiPo Batteries Now ROAR Approved

Spektrum has announced that their new SMART 100C Race LiPo Batteries have now been ROAR approved. The Spektrum 100C Race LiPos come with the very latest in SMART technology and mate perfectly with Spektrum’s full line-up of SMART battery chargers. Here is the official press release- The Spektrum team at Horizon Hobby has exciting news — Spektrum Smart 100C LiPo Race [...]



This next Fan Spotlight is a prime example of, if you want something bad enough and you put your mind to it you can build anything. The Jeep Brute that Dion Jay Rosser A.K.A MrCommaD has built has all the field of dream factors. MrCommaD had always wanted a Jeep Brute but given the hefty price tag he hadn’t had [...]


Pro-Line 8x32 to 20mm Aluminum Hex Adapters

Pro-Line 8×32 to 20mm Aluminum Hex Adapters

New from Pro-Line are 8×32 to 20mm Aluminum Hex Adapters. The adapters fit P-L’s 3.8″ Raid removable hex wheels and make it easy to put a 20mm hex on your truck. 20mm wheel hexes are used on large scale trucks like the Losi Super Rock Rey, these new adapters make it fast and easy to put new wheels on your [...]


Cubby Dinner

ASK Cubby – In Come The Letters, Out The Door I Run

“National Hobby Month Cubby, I have been following Big Squid RC for years now. The information I’ve found here has been invaluable. In your last Cub Report you mentioned that January is National Hobby Month. So imagine my surprise when I walk into the break room at work and see one of our communication boards asking us to write down what our [...]


Castle 1/5 2028 Extreme 800kV Sensored Brushless Motor

Castle 1/5 2028 Extreme 800kV Sensored Brushless Motor

The Kansas crew from Castle Creations has announced a new 2028 Extreme 800kV Sensored Brushless Motor. This extreme version of the 2028 now comes fully sensored, plus it sports an improved 4-pole, 12-slot design. Here are the highlights- * 2028 Extreme can easily run in the 10 horsepower range * Works in 2wd vehicles up to 30 lbs, 4wd up to 25 [...]


ARRMA dBoots HOONS Belted On-Road Tires

Video – New ARRMA dBoots HOONS Belted On-Road Tire Compounds

The crew at ARRMA has announced new Tire Compounds for their extremely popular HOONS Belted On-Road Tires. The new compounds range from gold compound, which is perfect for colder temps or to get maximum grip levels, to silver, which was designed for hotter temperatures and for longer life. * dBoots HOONS Gold Compound – #ARA550071 * dBoots HOONS White Compound – #ARA550062 * [...]


Pro-Line Hole Shot 3.0 2.2 Buggy Rear Tires

Pro-Line Hole Shot 3.0 2.2″ Buggy Rear Tires

Pro-Line’s Hole Shot buggy tires have won a lot of races over the years. The original & 2.0 gave racers across the globe unheard of traction on dry hard packed tracks. The updated Holeshot 3.0 promises even more grip for your race buggy. With an updated carcass and closed cell foam inserts, the Holeshot 3.0 is ready to dominate your [...]