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2021 XRay GTX8 Nitro On-Road Kit

2021 XRay GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Kit

Highly revised for 2021 is the XRay GTX8 1/8 nitro on-road kit. The GTX8 is a gnarly nitro burner that is designed to crush track records. Take a look at these highlights- * Newly reinforced chassis * New c-hub suspension * New front shock tower * Increased steering, more predictable overall handling * Longer shock shafts * New fuel tank with transient jet You can use this [...]



Last weekend I had time to mount the Pitbull RC Braven Bloodaxe 1.55 tires on the RC4WD 4Runner. When chosen to drive 1.55 rigs you must remember its night and day in comparison to the standard 1.9 rigs.  What a 1.9 rig can maneuver over with ease, a 1.55 rig will have to work harder at the same obstacle given [...]


Yokomo YZ4-SF2 Buggy Kit

Yokomo YZ-4 SF2 4wd Race Buggy Kit

The folks over at Yokomo have just dropped the YZ-4 SF2 race buggy kit. With a big emphasis on weight reduction, the YZ-4 is at the cutting edge of racing technology. * Lightweight bulkheads * Lightweight motor mount * New slipper clutch * New steering system * New front and rear arms * Multiple battery positions The Yokomo YZ-4 SF is priced at ¥64,800 and you can [...]


Element RC 3D Printed Engine Parts

Element RC 3D Printed Engine Parts

Element RC has just announced a slew of 3D Printed Engine Parts. These can be used on the Element Enduro scale crawler, as well as many other scale rigs, to help boost scale realism. Check out these highlights- * 8-piece engine set * Can print at home for free, or purchase from Shapeways * Radiator sold separately * Optional items- wire plugs, radiator hose, [...]


RC4WD Michelin Agilis C-Metric 1.9 Tires

RC4WD Michelin Agilis C-Metric 1.9″ Tires

Over at RC4WD they may have just dropped their most scale detailed tire yet, the Michelin Agilis C-Metric 1.9″. The new Michelin’s are fully lincensed and feature incredible scale detailing. Check out these highlights- * Officially licensed by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company * Molded from RC4WD’s advanced X2S³ rubber compound * Designed to fit 1.9″ wheels * Diameter- 4.05″ * Width- 1.29″ * Weight- 2.59oz The [...]


Boat Man Cubby RC

ASK Cubby – Your Letters, My Non-Sense

“Ask Cubby Cubster, My six year old has been saving all the money he’s gotten for birthdays, Christmas, chores etc. and is determined to get an R/C car. He drives my Slash well in training mode. Our LHS is a bit depleted right now, but is starting to get stock back in. They have Arrma, ECX and Traxxas available to order from. [...]


Losing grip – Guilt by association

”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet” Wrote Shakespeare, in the second scene of the second act of Romeo and Juliet, a bit over four hundred years ago. The scene is a classic. Juliet compares Romeo, who comes from the rival family Montague, to a rose and argues that he is [...]


Cross RC UT4 Driving Video

Action Video – Cross RC 1/7th UT4

Over at Cross RC they have uploaded a new promotional video for their upcoming large scale UT4. The UT4 is a big, burly, 1/7th scaled rock racer that features incredible scale realism. The video below shows the Cross RC staff sending the UT4 over jumps, blasting around corners, as well as doing some hill climbing. Use this link to get more [...]


APlastics RC DeLorean DMC12 Touring Car Body

APlastics DeLorean DMC12 Clear Touring Car Body

New from APlastics RC is a very nicely scaled DeLorean DMC12 body. The DeLorean DMC12 is one of the most iconic cars of its time, now thanks to APlastics, you can mount one to your favorite touring car. Take a look at these features- * Fits most 1/10 touring cars * Made from clear Lexan * Wheelbase- 259mm * Max Width- 195mm * Length- 445mm * [...]


Exotek Titanium CVA Axles TLR 22 Drag Race

Drag Racing Only – Exotek Titanium CVA Axles for the TLR 22

New from the Exotek Racing crew are Titanium CVA Axles for the TLR 22 1/10 race buggy. These axles were specifically designed for maximum speed and are recommended only for drag racing. Here are the highlights- * Over 40% lighter than stock units * Weight- 3.7 grams each * Made from genuine titanium * Fits most TLR 22 buggies * Reduces rotating mass for quicker [...]


Kyosho Egg Jeep Wrangler

New Small Scale Off-Roaders from Kyosho Egg

New from Kyosho Egg is a 1/16th scaled Jeep Wrangler, as well as the 1/18th scaled Metal Racer. Both are part of Kyosho’s Egg line-up that is geared more towards kids than the hobby market, but both clearly have a great scale off-road look. The Jeep Wrangler is fully licensed, while the Metal Racer has a tough, rock-racer style look. [...]


Maverick RC Phantom XT HPI RTR

Maverick RC 1/10 Phantom XT Brushed RTR

Expected to start shipping this June from Maverick RC is the affordable Phantom XT RTR. The Phantom XT comes completely pre-assembled and ready for backyard fun. Check out these highlights- * High torque MM-550 brushed motor * Shaft driven 4wd * Waterproof electronics * Comes with battery & charger * Oil filled shocks * Ball bearing equipped * Front & rear gear diffs The Maverick Phantom XT is [...]


HB Racing E819RS Buggy Kit

Teaser – HB Racing 1/8 E819RS Buggy Kit

The folks over at HB Racing are now teasing the E819RS 1/8th buggy kit. The RS version of the E819 comes with a slew of upgrades to improve lap times, as well as durability. * Version 3 rear shock tower * Delrin steering block bushings * 2° steering block set * Single piece sway bar links * Heavy duty center chassis brace * Screw type shock [...]


Monster Truck Madness - Tamiya Super Clod Buster Black Editi…

How is it that I’ve been writing for Big Squid for about 7 years now and not done any kind of review/impressions/discussion of a box stock Tamiya Clod Buster? Well friends, after building and bashing my new Tamiya Super Clod Buster Black Edition, that egregious oversight ends today. Here’s a mini-review- The Build  To complete the Super Clod Buster, you will need [...]



Normally Memorial Day weekend I hold the Juicebox Off-Road Park Summer opener. And like all the other events I had to push it back to, well I have no idea. On a positive note the postponement has freed up my time to start the Tamiya King Hauler we received from Remote Control Hobbies – Orlando, FL.  When I opened the King [...]