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RC4WD Ground Hawg II 1.55 4.19 Tires

RC4WD Ground Hawg II 1.55″ 4.19″ Scale Crawling Tires

Shipping right now from RC4WD are Ground Hawg II 1.55″ 4.19″ Scale Crawling Tires. The Ground Hawg II is big on attitude, as well as performance. Sporting large, scale looking lugs, the Ground Hawg II should be perfect for when the going gets tough. * Molded out of RC4WD’s advanced X2S³ rubber compound * Direct fit on 1.55″ scale crawling wheels * Outer [...]


Bittydesign Vision Clear Body Agama A319 Buggy

Bittydesign Vision Series Clear Body for the Agama A319 Bugg…

New from Bittydesign is a Vision Series Clear Body for the 1/8 Agama A319 race buggy. The Agama A319 is a popular nitro race buggy over in Europe. Soon A319 drivers will be able to mount up a Vision series body to improve performance, as well as a cool new look. * Made from genuine Lexan * Pre-cut by laser for a [...]


Losing grip – Blinded by the bling

”The battery holder is in plastic”. While this statement is pretty far from the official description of this chassis, it is a very apt way of summarazing the design of MST’s FMX 2.0 LCG KMW. I have tried not to, but it really is impossible to refrain from commenting on a chassis that forces you to squint when you look [...]


Welcome LionParts a new Full Scale Partner

We wanted to take a moment and welcome LionParts as our newest partner. This relationship is a test for both of us, as we know that the RC crowd also has a huge crossover with full scale rigs. If Axialfest 2020 was any indication, the scale RC crowd is nuts for hopping up their 1:1 vehicles as well. If you [...]


Pro-Line 1978 Chevrolet Malibu Drag Race Body Video

Video – Pro-Line 1978 Chevrolet Malibu Drag Race Body

The no-prep drag racing season is currently in full swing. From coast-to-coast drag racers are putting their cars down on the line, looking to crush their opponent. New on the no-prep drag scene is the Pro-Line 1978 Chevrolet Malibu Drag Race Body. Announced a couple of weeks ago, the Malibu packs serious attitude and was designed for superior performance on [...]



Its contest time! Since most of the summer events have been cancelled and more people are staying home, backyard courses are popping up in neighborhoods all over the country. Just last week I was going through a different town and seen a freshly made RC racetrack carved into someone’s lawn. And its not just the people who have a lot land [...]


Retired Cubby

THE Retired Report – Super Caps For the Win

Ya know, living the life of luxury can be hard on a man. A man can only drink so many bottles of Dom, and extinguish so many hand rolled Cuban cigars, before he feels the need to actually do something. I could go into Brian’s office and CA glue all his desk drawers shut, but where is the fun in [...]


Maverick RC Quantum XT 4WD Truggy

Maverick RC Quantum XT 1/10 4WD Truggy

New from HPI Racing is the Maverick RC Quantum XT Truggy. The Quantum XT is shipping right now and is available with a powerful FLUX brushless power system, or with an affordable 550 sized brushed motor. Here are more highlights- * Adjustable wheelie bar * Waterproof electronics * Pillow ball suspension * 3300kV FLUX brushless motor, or 15 turn brushed * Available in different colors * [...]


Kyosho Ultima Joel Video RC

Video – Kyosho Ultima Full Option Build with Joel Johnson

Over at Kysho they have uploaded a new Promotional Video for their vintage Ultima Race Buggy. The video features not only the re-released Ultima, but also IFMAR World Champion Joel Johnson. Watch below to see an uber Ultima build, then watch Joel throw down some laps, just like old times. After the video, hit up this link for full details on [...]


Axial Capra Crawling and Bashing at Axialfest 2020

Just a short video we shot featuring the Axial Racing Capra doing a little crawling and bashing at Axialfest 2020 with our friend Tony from CCxRC and his vehicle along for the trails. We had a great time all weekend, and we can’t wait to go back next year! Enjoy the video, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and [...]


Maverick RC Quantum MT RTR

Maverick RC 1/10 Quantum MT RTR

Shipping now from Maverick RC is the 1/10th scaled Quantum MT ready to run. The Quantum MT is available with an affordable brushed motor, or with the insane power of a FLUX brushless system. Full time 4wd is standard, and the Quantum MT is available in different colors. * Waterproof electronics * 2.4GHz radio gear * Oil-filled, aluminum threaded shocks * 550 sized 15 [...]



What is going on everybody Jeremy here and project RC4WD 1987 Toyota extra cab body set or as we are calling it, The McFlyota has begun! Technically this will be the second Marty McFly truck I have done. The first one was a lexan body from Pro-Line and it didn’t turn out half bad. Now that RC4WD has released a [...]


Traxxas Heavy-Duty Chassis Brace Slash Rustler 4x4

Traxxas Heavy-Duty Chassis Brace

New from Traxxas is a Heavy Duty Chassis Brace for the 4×4 version of the Rustler and Slash. The chassis brace is enormous and was made to take serious punishment. * Perfect factory fit * Comes with mounts * No drilling required * Made from a thick extruded aluminum * Oval-shaped brace increases rigidity and reduces flex * Available in four colors to match your build * [...]


TLR 8IGHT-XE Elite 8th Scale Buggy Kit

TLR 8IGHT-XE Elite 1/8 Buggy Race Kit

New from TLR is the 8IGHT-XE Elite 1/8 Buggy Race Kit. The 8IGHT-XE Elite comes with a bunch of option parts, plus it features a number of revisions to its suspension geometry and drive-train. Check out these highlights- * Pro level ready * Updated rear CVAs * Two wings and risers * +1 hexes for stability * Carbon center diff brace * 3.5mm shock shafts * Aluminum [...]


ARRMA Felony Bash Video

Awwww Yeah! It’s finally time to bash the ARRMA Felony! As soon as the unboxing was finished, it was time to bash, and man is this vehicle a blast! It looks amazing, it’s fast, it burns rubber and takes a beating! This is some footage from the first couple of runs we have done with it. Please enjoy the video, and [...]