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2021 XRay XB2 Race Buggy Kit

2021 XRay XB2 Race Buggy Kit

New over at XRay is the 2021 version of their world renowned XB2 race buggy kit. Designed to compete at the most elite levels of racing, the 2021 XB2 has numerous revisions to help put you on the top step of the podium. Here are the highlights-

* More predictable, easier to drive, & faster in high speed corners
* Improved steering system geometry
* New steering arms, Ackermann plate, servo link, & offset servo horn
* 3-slot graphite steering block extension (carpet edition only)
* New front & rear shock towers with denser upper shock mounting positions
* Longer front shock shafts and shock bodies
* New front roll center holder with wider mounting position
* New Gamma 2C body and Tec wing in carpet version
* New Gamma 2D body and Rank wing in the dirt version
* Stiffer IFMAR legal wheels

To get full details, use this link to make the jump over to the official XRay Website, or you can click Right Here to read more XRay news on BigSquidRC.


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