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MST Max Speed Technology 10th TCR-FF LBMT Kit

MST Announces 1/10 TCR-FF LBMT Kit

Recently announced by Max Speed Technology is the 1/10th scaled TCR-FF LBMT Kit. The crazy hot LBMT body sits on MST’s incredibly versatile TCR chassis. Here are the details- * Highly detailed LBMT body comes in clear * Body also available separately #720017 * Composite chassis * Independent suspension * TCR chassis supports front motor front drive, mid-motor rear drive, or rear motor rear drive [...]


Boom Racing BRX01 Limited Edition Dually Truck Kit

Boom Racing BRX01 Limited Edition Dually Truck Kit

Shipping now from Boom Racing is the very Limited Edition BRX01 Dually Truck Kit. With only 130 available worldwide, this is a true collectors item. Here are the highlights- * Extremely limited edition release * Numbered, limited edition gold & black BRX01 chassis * Loaded with upgrades and one-off CNC machined parts * Wheelbase – 313mm * Width – 248mm * Precision machined gear box and [...]


Exotek Complete F1Ultra Kit Carpet Works Conversion

Exotek Complete F1Ultra Kit With Carpet Works Conversion

New from Exotek is their F1Ultra Kit With Carpet Works Conversion. This top-of-the-line F1 car kit is filled with innovation. Here are the highlights- * Designed for maximum performance on carpet tracks * Weight forward design enhances corners speed * Modular chassis design * Thick 2.5mm 1 piece carbon fiber chassis * Patented floating rear pod suspension system * 72mm extra narrow chassis * Ultra-smooth micro shocks * [...]


JConcepts RC Tool Holder Video

Video – JConcepts Tool Holder

Over at JConcepts they have posted a promotional video for their incredibly trick Aluminum Tool Holder. The video below has JConcepts’ driver Joe Bornhorst talking about how easy the tool holder is to store, as well as to use. No matter if you are a racer, basher, or trail driver, the JConcepts tool holder is the perfect tool for long [...]


Tamiya Super Clod Buster Grey Edition 92437

Monster Truck Madness – Clod Busted

Greetings all and Happy Thursday! This week I’m answering an e-mail that I received from reader Steve R. regarding the new limited edition Tamiya Super Clod Buster “Gray Edition” release. It’s a question that I would guess some of you are probably wondering about as well, even if you aren’t super well-versed in Clods. Hey Doug I had an original Clodbuster when I [...]


Spektrum S1100 G2 AC Smart Charger

Spektrum S1100 G2 AC 100W Smart Charger

New from Spektrum is the S1100 G2 AC 100W Smart Charger. With the intelligence of Smart charging and 100 watts of power on tap, the Spektrum S1100 G2 is an affordable way to have safe charging. Here are the highlights- * Charges & balances Smart batteries with one simple connection * Auto Charge can automatically start charging Smart batteries * Can also be [...]


Yokomo RC YD-2ZX Limited Edition Buggy

Yokomo 1/10 YD-2ZX Limited Edition Buggy

For all you rabid Yokomo fans out there, they have just announced an incredibly limited release of the jaw dropping YD-2ZX Race Buggy. Perfect for the track or a display case, the limited edition YD-2ZX buggy is sure to be very highly sought after. Here are the highlights- * The ultimate collectors kit * Only 100 total units to be released [...]


Club 5 Racing Adjustable TRX-4 Roof Rack

Club 5 Racing Adjustable Aluminum Roof Rack for the TRX-4 20…

Club 5 Racing has introduced a few new scale body accessories for the Traxxas TRX-4, including an Adjustable Aluminum Roof Rack designed specifically for the 2021 Ford Bronco body. Designed to maximize customization, you can adjust the overall length and width of this roof rack to best fit your needs and style. With a multi-part design, this roof rack features a [...]


ARRMA 7th Limitless V2 Speed Bash Roller

ARRMA 1/7 Limitless V2 Speed Bash Roller

Just announced by ARRMA is the 1/7 Limitless V2 Speed Bash Roller. The Limitless V2 Roller has been optimized for 8S levels of power output, as well a slew of other upgrades. Here are the highlights- * New sliding motor mount accepts larger diameter motors * 3mm thick chassis plate with new motor positioning * Easy-access electronics module accepts larger ESCs * Safe-D input [...]


Tekno RC NB48 2.1 8th Scale Nitro Buggy Kit

Tekno Announces NB48 2.1 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit

Coming soon from Tekno is the 1/8th scaled NB48 2.1 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit. This full competition kit is the very latest and greatest in race technology from the good guys at Tekno. Check out these details- * Entirely new rear arms & hubs with adjustable roll center * New chassis with lowered hinge pin braces * New interlocking center differential mount * New [...]


Treal Aluminum Rear Axle Housing - Losi Hammer Rey

Treal 7075 Aluminum Rear Axle Housing for the Losi Hammer Re…

Treal has released a new option part for Losi’s 1/10-scale Hammer Rey. You can make your off-road racer more durable (and more stylish) with Treal’s 7075 Aluminum Rear Axle Housing for the Hammer Rey. Made from CNC-machined aluminum, this rear axle housing offers improved durability over the stock housing and provides a great way to customize your rock racer. Two color [...]


JConcepts S2 Associated B6.4 B6.4D Clear Body

JConcepts S2 B6.4/B6.4D Clear Body

Shipping now from JConcepts is an S2 Series Clear Body for the Team Associated B6.4 and B6.4D. JC’s S2 bodies are designed for the ultimate in performance to help you go faster on the track than ever before. Here are the highlights- * Low-profile stance * JConcepts original Silencer 2 styling * Direct fit on the Associated B6.4 & B6.4D * Aggressive, progressive cab [...]


Team Associated RC8B4 Factory Team Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower

Team Associated RC8B4 Factory Team Carbon Fiber Front Shock …

New from Team Associated is a very trick Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower for the RC8B4 race buggy. The AE crew have just dropped this thick carbon fiber tower that is not only strong, but also incredibly lightweight. Here are the details- * Ideal for racing * Routed from 5mm thick woven carbon fiber * Fits AE RC8B4 and RC8B4e * Helps lower overall [...]


Delta Plastik 7th Mule Clear On-Road ARRMA Body

Delta Plastik 1/7 Mule Clear On-Road Body

Shipping now from Delta Plastik is the 1/7th scaled Mule Clear Body. The Mule was designed to fit cars like the ARRMA Felony, Infaction, and Limitless, plus other 7th scalers like the HoBao GT-V2E. Here are the highlights- * Classic “El Camino” American muscle styling * Comes in clear awaiting your custom paint scheme * Formed from 2mm thick polycarbonate * Wheelbase – 406-420mm * [...]


JConcepts Pre-Mounted Nessi Rear Buggy Race Tires

JConcepts Pre-Mounted Nessi 1/10 Rear Buggy Race Tires

Jason and his crew at JConcepts have announced Pre-Mounted Nessi 1/10 Rear Race Tires. Designed for carpet and AstroTurf racing, the Nessi rear tires have the massive grip and performance that you need on your race buggy. Here are the highlights- * Professionally pre-mounted for your convenience * 3D blended, medium-height pin-size for quick reaction * Semi-circle protrusions for side-bite * Low-profile, wide stance [...]