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2WD RTR Monster Truck Shootout – Features


Certain features have started to become the norm, or just expected. Things like waterproofed electronics, or 2.4GHz radio system, oil filled shocks, foam in the tires. While these things are not necessary to go out and have fun with your truck, they can make a difference when choosing one over the other. We talked about the idea of the included battery counting in this category, but decided that needed to stay in the price department, and is not really a ‘feature’ of the vehicles.

1) ARRMA Granite
2) Traxxas Stampede
3) ECX Ruckus

Granite– The ARRMA Granite came with a 2.4 GHz radio, waterproofed electronics, and is Lipo ready. While the ARRMA radio is usually a love/hate sort of thing, at least we don’t have to worry about if one of my friends is on ‘green’ or not. Hex hardware is also nice to see in this price range.

Stampede– The included AM radio landed the Traxxas in second place. At this point in the RC world, we would have a hard time believing 2.4GHz is still costing more than AM, especially at the amount Traxxas builds them at. Being waterproof kept it out of 3rd place because playing in puddles is fun! You also get a Traxxas Connector for your battery which is normally the first thing Cubby will make you change to.

Ruckus– The ECX ended up in third due to the lack of waterproof electronics. For a limited time it does come with a Spektrum DX2E Transmitter, and we like that feature a lot, we don’t like having to worry about running in the rain.

For those that have been good and didn’t just skip, we bring you to the Final Results!