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HPI Jumpshot SC

3 New Jumpshot Trucks from HPI

There is no doubt that HPI Racing is primed to have a fantastic show at Nuremberg 2016. Besides taking over the world with their Venture FJ, they are announcing loads of other new trucks. Last year we got a chance to test their Jumpshot MT, which we found to be a great basher. For 2016 HPI is announcing a new Fuzion Brushless version of the MT, along with a brushed powered duo of the Jumpshot SC and Jumpshot ST.

The Jumpshot MT Fuzion cranks up the power from the original version with a 2-N-1 Fuzion brushless ESC/motor. The rest of the truck remains mostly the same, but the increase in power should really add to its fun factor. The part number for the Fuzion MT is #116210.

The new Jumpshot SC is the latest 2wd short course truck from HPI. It uses the rock solid Jumpshot platform which features a twin vertical plate chassis that was designed for the rough and tumble life of a bash machine. Waterproof electronics come standard and it has a part number of #116103.

For you stadium truck lovers, HPI has announced the Jumpshot ST. Stadium trucks are great fun to bash and we look forward to getting in some trigger time with the Jumpshot ST. It also uses the durable Jumpshot platform, sporting oil filled shocks and a brushed power system. The Jumpshot ST has a part number of #116112.

You can hit up This Link to visit the official HPI website, or you can Click Here for more HPI news on BigSquidRC.


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