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Hitec D954SW Servo

3 New Servos From Hitec

It is no secret that Hitec is known as the leader in servo technology. To help give you more high-end servo options for your rigs, they just announced 3 New Servos designed for durability, ease of programming, and smooth response.

First up is the D930SW. The D930SW uses steel gears and is aimed at the high speed market. It sports a transit speed as fast as 0.07 while still providing up to 182 oz/in of torque. It has a part number of #36930 and can operate on 4.8 to 7.4 volts.

Next up is another steel geared servo called the D954SW. The D954SW has a part number of #36954 and was designed for high torque applications. Torque on this one goes up to 405 oz/in and it has a transit speed as fast as 0.12. The D954SW also operates from 4.8 to 7.4 volts.

The final new servo from Hitec is the D955TW. The D955TW sports 3 beefy titanium gears and is a great combination of speed and torque. Maximum torque comes in at 404 oz/in and it has a transit speed as fast as 0.12. The D955TW takes an input voltage as high as 7.4 volts and has a part number of #36955. The D955TW replaces the incredibly well regarded HS-7955TH (one of Cubby’s favorite servos of all time) and should be capable of doing a fantastic job in a huge variety of different trucks.

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