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Traxxas 2018 Nuremburg Toy Fair

3 New Traxxas Vehicles At Nuremburg Toy Fair

Traxxas is not playing around in 2018! Right now our reporter Thomas Wielgomas is over at the Nuremburg Toy Fair checking out 3 big new vehicles from Traxxas. What’s the scoop?

First up is the Pro Scale 4wd Unlimited Desert Racer. That beast has some pretty incredible scale detailing and is slated for a price point of around $750-799. Here are some of its other details-

* 50 mph on 6S out of the box
* Extremely long suspension travel
* Two extra wheels
* Two aluminum GTR shocks per wheel
* Starts shipping in March

Second up is the newly revised E-Revo 2.0. The last E-Revo was absolutely a legend for its bashing capabilities, the new version is beefed up to the hilt. Here is some of what we know-

* Old bodies will still fit
* All new design
* Self righting
* Body now attaches like the X-Maxx, no body clips
* Reinforced chassis
* X-Maxx sized diffs
* Mod 1 transmission
* New shocks, tougher a-arms
* X-Maxx sized steel CVD driveshafts
* Redesigned ESC
* Starts shipping in March
* Estimated pricing of $589.99

But wait, there’s more! Traxxas is also showing of their Ford Bronco TRX-4. Here is what we know-

* Based on the popular TRX-4
* Comes with a shorter wheelbase than the Land Rover or Tactical Unit
* Traxxas will release a short link set so you can use the Bronco body on your existing TRX-4

There you have it folks, that is what we know from the Traxxas booth at this year’s Toy Fair. We will report more as the information becomes available. Until then, feel free to Click Here to visit the official Traxxas website.

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