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ARRMA Drive Away Video

4K Video – ARRMA Drive Aways

Posted up a couple of days ago by ARRMA is a short promo video for their #arrmadriveaways social media event. You see, ARRMA wants to see your craziest drive away. What is a drive away? That’s when you have a big crash and there is no way that you should be able to drive away, but you still do with your truck all in one piece.

ARRMA vehicles are known for their ability to soak up punishment. When you capture a crazy drive away on video with your ARRMA, post it up to your social media with the #arrmadriveaways tag. This will show the world how tough your truck is, plus the people at ARRMA can use that hashtag to help feature your video on their new Drive Away Hall Of Fame.

To get more details on all of ARRMA’s epic bash machines, simply hit up This Link. Also, you can Click Here to read more ARRMA news on Big Squid.

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Posted by in video on Monday, March 5th, 2018 at 11:19 am