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4WD RTR Short Course Shootout – Ease of Use

One of the categories we thought we should consider is Ease of Use. There are a few things that fall into this one, but it mostly comes to working on the vehicle and the initial setup. What it takes to get rolling out of the box. How complicated or simple were the instructions, and were there any issues getting it up and running.

short course shootout setup


1. Traxxas Slash 4×4
2. HobbyKing Trooper
3. Ofna Jammin SCRT-10

The Jammin SCRT-10 manual was a little wordy and hard to understand. (Not to mention it basically comes right off of a photo copier) but nobody could find how to easily re-calibrate the speed control to the radio. In all the trucks we wanted to make sure we did this step to make sure we had them all optimal for action, and our stapled photo copy wasn’t much of a help. The speed control menu was also a little more difficult to navigate with multiple button presses.

The Hobbyking Trooper setup/speed control directions were clear and simple. Re-calibration and adjustments were easy to get to. The overall manual is a bit on the light side, you basically get bare minimum, but sometimes simple is better.

Traxxas was the overall winner for geeting things going and adjusted. Their instructions are step by step perfect. Everything is very clearly done, and there are pages and pages of anything you need to know about your truck, and RC.

Lets see what type of Parts Availability these vehicles have!