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A Main Speedway Spring Fling ’15 in Pueblo, CO

Coming this weekend, April 10th – 12th, A Main Speedway and Hobby Shop in Pueblo, CO is hosting their 3rd annual Spring Fling event. If you can make it, what you can expect to find is a plethora of family friendly local and regional style r/c racing. And after all that, you can watch a bunch of people take their prized race machines and launch them off a major ramp to catch some huge air in the Big Squid RC sponsored Big Air event. If you want to partake in some good ol’ fashioned fun racing (and not that new fangled not-fun racing that all the young’uns are into now-a-days) then get your entry in ASAP (as in by April 7th, sorry, my bad, I was supposed to post this, like, a week ago, but you know… life… man). They still have some spots, but they’re filling fast.

To get a sense of what last year’s Spring Fling was like, click on over to our writeup of the event. For more info about A Main Speedway and Hobby Shop, click that link right there, also, check out the Facebook.




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