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A Midwest RC Drag Race Scene Update

Hello everyone. Hopefully everyones holidays were good, with them (X-Mas-New Years and my B-Day ) over now I’m going to try to write a little…bear with me.

Well a few of us have been getting together at Underground the last few weeks on Saturday’s. For those of you who don’t know what The Underground is let me try to describe it for you. The Underground is a very-very large warehouse that used to house a bread company. It now has been partitioned off and a section of the building houses a on-road track and the drag strip we have been testing on. The track itself is a little tough to master as it is not as smooth as say the Lynnwood facility. Please don’t misunderstand….I am not complaining , we are lucky to have a place that is indoors to run at considering the frigid winter we have to contend with. With that being said the track has pretty good traction as a few of us running have found out…….a few of the guy’s have actually gotten stuck on the starting line LOL.

Our Saturday meets have been TNT (test and tune) sessions and have for the most part been a lot of fun. I myself have been testing different motors and gear combos. I know some of you guys and gals may be wondering who’s run what and how fast…….I promise to get that info out when the real racing starts in the spring.

Last weekend a few of the guy’s brought out a few new additions to the scene ; Big Will has been testing a handmade rail chassis that shows some promise ,Preditor has been testing his recently acquired Nitro Pro-Mod that looks great,DNC and Dragman are also working on their combos as well as Tu-Slow,and Ira and a few others. Oh I was talking about new additions to the scene………Butch and Keven brought their Nitro Pro Mods for us to drool over, neither was ready to run just yet but both looked really nice. The nitro Pro-Mods are really going to make a strong showing this coming summer. These guy’s are making me want to get a nirto Pro -Mod as well.(maybe a GMS to compete against all these Walburns). Jerry from the Lynnwood Dragstrip was there also last Sat. and bought over his 1/8 scale New Era dragster for us to see and he promises he will be running it this summer.

Well I think I’ve run out of things to write about for the time being…….Yeh I know it’s hard to believe..LOL

Until the next time—–talk to you folks on the Squid forum.


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