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A Ride In A Real Crawler

 As some of you may know I love rc rock crawling and scale crawlers, a few weeks ago I got a chance to go for a ride in a real crawler with one of my friends Eric. I went out to The Cliffs Extreme Off Road Park. We did some very serious 4 wheeling. I had a blast! Eric’s truck goes anywhere. It was completely unstoppable, we went up close to vertical hills, over rocks, and through water. His crawler is and old Toyota 4 runner that he chopped up and built a tube chassis for and turned into an all around go anywhere machine! While we were there I noticed something surprising, the cliffs actually has an rc rock course and an rc track. The rock course was awesome and the track was really good quality (well kept with no weeds). It’d be cool to have a crawl/bash event there.


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Posted by in rock crawling, Uncategorized on Thursday, August 11th, 2011 at 12:17 am