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A Very British Bash

Just because I live in England doesn’t mean that all I do is sit around in a tweed jacket, drinking tea and writing BigSquid articles. RC is big on this side of the pond! The forum I hang out on regularly holds bashes/meetups, and various bits of the country have their own bash groups and bash spots.

My local group, “NHB” (North Hants. and Berkshire) Bashers consists of about 25 members, all with loads of weird and wonderful RC’s. “-BEZ-” for example recently built this Hong Nor short course truck, cobbled together with X1 CR and CRT parts, an Associated SC8 shell and some duct tape.


 A good bash for us consists of having a good laugh, chatting about what bargains we’ve found on ebay for £0.99p and breaking many parts. Theres normally about 10 of us on anverage, but in summer the forum hosts a “Jam”, hosting hundreds of guests – a whole weekend was dedicated to RC!

When we bash, we bash HARD. No lawn flamingo’s! That means that our RC’s often arrive in the morning looking factory fresh, and go home in garbage bags. Hyper 7’s are a favourite, and my own is renowned for instantly becoming taco-shaped. Drifters, however, get much more respect and some spend hundreds of pounds adding scale detail. Indoor drifting has proven popular this winter, since the weather over here has been rain, rain and more rain. Here’s a video from this months bash:

We just plain love our RC on this small, cold and damp island! Fancy joining us, or having a look at what we get up to? Find out about all of our crazy UK projects, our UK bashes and our community on the Modelsport UK Forum.

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Posted by in Big Squid RC on Friday, December 23rd, 2011 at 7:40 pm