For Bashers, By Bashers!

About Us

Since we don’t really want to spend too much time on where we have been for the last 30 years, but concentrate more on where we are going, I’ll keep this short.

Around 1982 (yes, more then 30 years ago, I was 12) my father bought me my first RC car. I actually found it in the basement a few years ago. It’s pretty gutted now. It still has the Team Associated engine in it! I guess you can say I have been a Associated fan all my life! I’m not sure exactly what kind of car this was, but it was a fun time. He used to take me to race every Friday night at a local car dealership. They would let us use their big maintenance area. We’d roll out the carpet, set up the wood barriers and race. I actually won one of the tournaments there. Let me tell you, the other guys were not happy. I was by far the youngest person there, with most guys I’d say averaging 20+ yrs old. Sadly, I lost the trophy.

Anyway, after about 2 years, they stopped racing there. There really wasn’t anywhere else to race, so my dad got us into RC airplanes. Talk about a heart wrenching hobby in the early 80’s! Those planes took months of work, and cutting balsa, and ironing on the body, only to have it turn into toothpicks in a matter of seconds. We built about 8 planes, of all scales and skill levels. My dad was pretty good at it. I did pretty good, but was way to scared to not have him on the buddy box in case I got into trouble. The amazing thing is, my dad was so into the RC planes, he went on to get his own pilot license and his own Cessna airplane!

Ok, move ahead a few years, I was always into RC, I remember getting my first off-road buggy. A Grasshopper. It was pretty fun, and could really take some good bashing. I can remember jumping that thing off of bike jumps and not really breaking anything. I remember it also weighing a ton! I sold that one about 16 years ago. I have had many other vehicles since, but nothing worth talking about.

Ok, make the jump to 2002. A buddy of mine calls me up and tells me I HAVE to see this new RC truck he got. He rants and raves about how great it is and all the hop-ups he’s adding to it. He eventually sends me a video clip. It was the first time I saw a T-Maxx in action. WOW! Within 2 weeks, I bought my first T-Maxx from eBay. This was my first nitro truck, and it was awesome! It was fast and loud, and you could drive it anywhere. I started to search the net for other people with Maxx’s and found all sorts of cool pictures and videos. I was pretty impressed with some of the bashing videos I found on the internet. Since I was doing the same sort of bashing, I thought maybe people would want to see videos of what me and my friends do. That’s when I got the idea to start up NakedRC. I then spent about a year and a half of my life filming and editing a DVD with a friend of mine. We had over 170 hours of footage to chop up and mix together. On 7-25-2004 we put it on sale. So if you interested in serious air and bashing, definitely go get it! My partner and I had different opinions on what direction to take the company next. We discussed it for a while and just came to the conclusion that we weren’t going to agree what way to go.

So this is why Big Squid RC exists today. We’re off in a new direction. We put up the new site, and are ready to bash. We hope to bring you somthing huge! A site with reviews, news, information, videos, pictures, all for Bashers, by Bashers! We will be attending some major events this year, and will bring you all the action as we experience it.

Welcome to Big Squid RC! Been there, Broke that!

Brian Smolik
President – Big Squid RC