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Acer SILVERWORM Silver Plated Silicone Wire

Acer SILVERWORM Silver Plated Wire

Cheap wire can have high resistance. This means that more of the power from your battery is lost as heat, instead of making its way to your power system. Simply put, if you want maximum power, you need to use good wire.

New from Acer Racing is Silverworm Silver Plated Wire. Silverworm uses a silver coating over copper strands to keep resistance to a minimum, helping to give your truck more power and longer runtimes.

* 680 strands, 12AWG genuine silver plated copper
* Super flexible silicone wire
* Available in lengths from 10 to 100 feet
* Comes with both red and black wires

A ten foot length of the 12AWG is priced at $22 and has a part number of #SILV03. Find full details over on the official Acer Website, or you can Click Right Here for more Acer news on BigSquidRC.

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