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Reefs RC Beast 2000 Servo Winch

Add Brute Force to Your R/C Rig with New REEF’S RC Beast Winches

To satisfy the needs of larger-scale crawlers, REEFS RC has released two new servo winches under its “Beast” lineup. If you’re rocking a large-scale crawler such as the 1/6-scale Axial SCX6, you now have two pulling options to help you get out of tricky situations.

The Beast 1000 and Beast 2000 Servo Winches offer the same massive performance of their steering servo siblings in winch form, allowing you to set up your 1/8-scale or larger trail rig with a capable winching and pulling tool.

Both Beast servo winch models feature an aluminum case, all-metal gears, and are waterproofed with 7-point seals. Each servo winch includes a synthetic tow line and a 1/5-scale tow hook. The Beast 2000 also includes a 3S and 4S battery connector.

Beast 1000 Winch Specs:

  • Torque:
    • 800oz @ 6V
    • 900oz @ 7.4V
    • 1080oz @ 8.4V
  • Speed:
    • .11sec @ 6V
    • .095sec @ 7.4V
    • .08sec @ 8.4V
  • Weight: 10oz/285g
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8V to 8.4V
  • Mechanical Angle: Unlimited
  • Bearing Type: 5 Ball Bearings
  • Price: $389.99

Beast 2000 Winch Specs:

  • Torque:
    • 1000oz @ 10V
    • 1250oz @ 11.1V
    • 1450oz @ 12V
    • 2000oz @ 16.8V
  • Speed:
    • .11sec @ 10V
    • .105sec @ 11.1V
    • .10sec @ 12V
    • .09sec @ 14.4V
    • .08sec @ 16V
  • Weight: 10oz/285g
  • Operating Voltage: 7.4V to 16.8V
  • Mechanical Angle: Unlimited
  • Bearing Type: 5 Ball Bearings
  • Price: $449.00

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