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Air Hogs X-Wing Starfighter Unboxing

Maybe the #ForceFriday Millennium Falcon Quad Copter isn’t your thing, well you are in luck as Air Hogs also has a two engine X-Wing Starfighter. We are assuming all flight control is via the two ducted fans, as we don’t see any other moving parts. So power to both fans gives lift, a little more to one or the other gets us going left or right. Sadly, the instructions read like ‘Step 1, install blasters to wings.’ ‘Step 2: before flight, remove blasters from wings.’ Wait what? Aww.. those looked really cool on there, but apparently this thing isn’t getting off the ground with them attached. The price is $69, which is much cheaper than the Millennium Falcon’s $109.
You can see in a few shots the packing tape they put over the nose, and near the rear exhaust to help strengthen the parts. Enjoy the unboxing photos.

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