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AKA Indoor Handlebar Tires

AKA Handlebar Tires for 10th Scale Buggy, SCT, and 8th Scale Buggy

AKA Indoor Handlebar Tires
AKA has just announced their new Handlebar series of tires. With their low-profile tread and rounded edges, Handlebars should be the bomb at your local indoor clay track.

AKA is producing Handlebars for a wide variety of vehicles- 10th scale buggy, 8th scale, and for short course trucks. And talk about variety, some Handlebars are available pre-mounted, some just with inserts, and some just the tires w/o inserts. AKA is doing their best to accommodate your tire needs, whatever they might be.

To get more information on the Handlebars and all of AKA’s products hit up their Official Website. Hit THIS link to read our latest AKA SCT tire review.

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Posted by in AKA, New Products on Monday, February 11th, 2013 at 1:10 pm